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tastech by sigma

Eatable Adventures and Sigma joined forces in the search for entrepreneurs to promote high-impact projects in the food sector worldwide.

The multinational food company presents the second edition of Tastech by Sigma, the startup acceleration program that aims to revolutionize the food industry. The project submission will be open until April 26th and the selection of the finalists will take place on May 13th.

The first edition of Tastech by Sigma registered 123 startups applications from 19 countries, of which seven developed a pilot program and four will formalize a long-term relationship with Sigma.

Tastech by Sigma

Tastech is a program that aims to find the most innovative and disruptive startups and scaleups in the world to collaborate with Sigma.

During the first edition of Tastech by Sigma, the finalist projects had access to financial support for the development of the pilots, the company’s infrastructure and the knowledge of its specialists to develop their disruptive ideas, with the aim of improving process automation, developing new foods and ingredients, and identifying new business models in food production, distribution and marketing.

A total of 123 startups from 19 countries applied to the first edition of Tastech by Sigma, of which seven were selected to develop pilot tests in Mexico, Ecuador, Portugal and Spain, and four are in the process of formalizing a long-term relationship with Sigma.

This year Tastech by Sigma seeks the participation of startups and scaleups that propose innovative solutions to the following challenges:

  • Future Food – foods and ingredients that incorporate animal and/or vegetable proteins, as well as solutions that increase the nutritional value of culinary experiences and allow for reduced sodium, sugar and fat content.
  • Green Tech – Sustainable processes that enable the use of by-products in the industry’s value chain, reduce the carbon footprint of packaging, and improve efficiency in transportation, especially refrigerated transport.
  • Power Connections – New business models and consumer outreach through the analysis of consumer trends and the development of new shopping experiences.

Eatable Adventures renews its collaboration with Sigma developing the future food vertical, promoting on a global scale this great opportunity to innovate within a leading group in the agri-food sector that has 70 plants and operations in 18 countries in four regions: Mexico, Europe, the U.S. and Latin America.

“We want Tastech by Sigma to become a benchmark in the industry and that more and more entrepreneurs seek to present and develop their ideas with us. We are convinced that innovation in the food sector is a collaborative task and this program is our contribution so that young talent can revolutionize what we eat and the way we produce it,” said Daniel Alanís, Development Director at Sigma.

Tastech21 milestones

tastetech sigma

The submission of projects for the new edition will be open until April 26th and those interested can apply through the website tastech.eatableadventures.com. 

After a pre-selection, a competition among the finalists will be held on May 13 before Sigma’s steering committee.

Pre-selected startups and scale-ups will be invited by May 13th to a selection event, with the aim for each of the participants to pitch their initiative in front of the Sigma committee.

The participants selected will participate in a 18 week program, focused on the implementation of a pilot test within Sigma, with the aim of validating their proposed solution.

The acceleration program will end in October with a demo day where all the selected participants will make a final pitch to the senior team of the company presenting obtained results from the pilot test, as well as technical and commercial advances.

Don’t lose this incredible opportunity, sign up and apply to the second generation Tastech by Sigma program.

New partnership with Bridge2food

We are proud to announce that a new partnership has been signed by Eatable Adventures together with Bridge2Food.

At Eatable Adventures we believe startups are leading the way creating solutions to transform how food is produced, transformed and consumed.

We connect the most disruptive food startups with corporations and investors, developing the right collaborations with a mission: building tomorrow’s food companies. 


Having the chance to be part of the Bridge2Food network means sharing the B2F mission of inspiring the food industry and food value chain to collaborate with a focus on plant-based foods and proteins, and create innovative solutions for a healthier life and a sustainable planet. 

Beyond Meat, Unilever, Danone and Nestlè are only some of the partner food brands that will take part in this year’s edition of Bridge2Food.

Leading Pioneering Partnerships

Almost a decade after the launch of Bridge2food we’ll be glad to take part in the 2021 virtual impact calendar with all the exhibitions, summits and conferences.


We’ll be joining forces along 2021 starting with the first Virtual Exhibition Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Value Chain Americas on April 13-14.

Virtual Exhibition Plant-Based Foods Value Chain Americas

It’s a unique and highly specialized virtual exhibition on plant-based foods and proteins dedicated to connecting the key players in the plant-based industry.

The online event will consists of:

  • 100+ Exhibitors
  • 1000+ Participants
  • 1,500 Speed Dating Sessions
  • 2,500 1-on-1 Business Meetings.

During this first exhibition our founder and CEO José Luis Cabañero will be leading a session about new disrupting technologies in the protein sector.

Retailers and Food Service attendees have a special free access discount available here.

Two startups from the Spain Foodtech accelerator program, MOA and Innomy, will also participate as exhibitors during the Plant-Based Foods Value Chain Americas, as well as some of the startups included in our ecosystem such as Heura Foods.

Thanks to this partnership we have some free tickets for foodtech startups, if you are interested send us an email at paula@eatableadventures.com with the reason why you want to participate in the exhibition.

Biome Makers, an interview with co-founder and CEO Adrián Ferrero

biome makers

We know that behind every startup there is a mission to accomplish. We would like to know more about what’s behind Biome Makers.

We began the conversation with a brief explanation by Ferrero about what Biome Makers is and its milestones. Then we spoke about some of the main challenges the startup faced when being developed and how they overcame them, thanks to an ecosystem that supported them. We also discussed the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain, the advantages and barriers that currently exist in this ecosystem and what opportunities could arise for its development and growth. 

When asked what Agri Food Tech means to him, Adrián states that although it being a very broad term, he could define it as “innovation through the application of technology and science to all segments of the agri-food value chain. 

We closed the interview with his thoughts on the development of the Agri Food Tech sector will impact the food industry in Spain and what fundamental investments will be needed to make it happen. 

Read the full interview in Spanish here: https://www.eatableadventures.com/adrian-ferrero-biome-makers/?lang=es