Spain Foodtech Startups’ Program, an acceleration program promoted by Eatable Adventures and supported by ICEX and CNTA, presents its 2023 cohort.

The future of food is already here: 4 Spanish startups are at the forefront of the new food revolution. According to the data from the Eatable Adventures study “The State of Foodtech,” the investment in Spain in this sector reached 268 million euros in 2022, marking a growth of 9.3% compared to the previous year. […]

A new opportunity for sustainability in the Food Industry: “Mylkcubator: More than Mylk”

  Mylkcubator’s third edition accelerates cutting-edge startups focused on revolutionizing the food industry, spanning Alternative Dairy, Alt. Egg, Coffee, Lipids, Cocoa, Sodium & Sweetener Replacements, and Functional Ingredients. The Mylkcubator ecosystem has generated a total value of over $107M. The selected startups have raised a total of $14.4M in investment since inception, reflecting the success […]

A Safer Bite: How FoodTech Startups are Revolutionizing Food Safety

Food safety is a critical aspect of the food industry, encompassing measures taken to ensure that food products are safe for consumption. It involves monitoring, handling, and storing food in a way that prevents contamination and minimizes the risk of foodborne illnesses. In today’s world, technology plays a crucial role in revolutionizing food safety practices. […]

Circularity in Action: Showcasing Game-Changing FoodTech Initiatives

The concept of the circular economy stands at the forefront of sustainability, with a mission to curb waste and optimize the use of existing resources. It’s about “closing the loop” on various elements, like products, services, waste, materials, water, and energy. Unlike the linear economy, the circular economy introduces a nonlinear model that champions reuse, […]

 Robotics in Foodtech: A Look at the Innovations Changing the Food Industry

The food industry has been seeing a significant shift in recent years with the rise of foodtech startups that are using robotics to revolutionize various aspects of the food industry. From automating farming processes such as planting and harvesting, to cooking and delivering food, these startups are leveraging the latest advancements in robotics and artificial […]

Exploring the future of agrifoodtech: Eatable Adventures and ESA Space Solutions partner for innovation

As the agrifood tech sector evolves, a new and promising trend is on the horizon – the integration of space technology. Eatable Adventures and ESA Space Solutions have come together in a strategic partnership. This collaboration seeks to explore space technology potential in revolutionizing how we approach food production, supply chains, and waste reduction. Julia […]

Beyond Traditional Beverages: Must-try Unique Drinks changing the Industry

In today’s health-conscious world, companies are continuously developing new and innovative ways to meet the growing demand for better beverages. From energy-boosting drinks to those that promote relaxation, there are tons of options available.  In this article, we will explore startups that are making beverages that are disrupting the bev-tech industry, each with its unique […]

Blockchain’s Impact on Food Safety & Traceability

Throughout the agri-food value chain, various participants play key roles. Each participant shares critical information about the product, which is stored on their local servers. Unfortunately, this information remains inaccessible to other participants, leading to increased possibilities of food fraud within the system. Here’s where blockchain steps in to address this issue. It provides a […]

2023 noteworthy foodtech events

With the worldwide foodtech community growing in an exponential manner, 2023 arrives full of noteworthy foodtech events that bring the opportunity for leaders, and entrepreneurs to connect, create and learn about new disruptive projects that will change the foodtech industry for good, in a sustainable way.  January January 31- February 2 Fermentation-Enabled Alt.Pro Summit 🇺🇸 The […]

Mercamadrid celebrates the Demo Day of the first international call for innovation

Mercamadrid, Spain’s largest platform for the distribution, commercialization, transformation, and logistics of fresh food, in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, selected five innovative proposals in the areas of logistics, sustainability, traceability, and packaging. Madrid, June 28, 2023 – Mercamadrid, the largest fresh food distribution, commercialization, processing, and logistics platform in Spain, celebrates the Demo Day of […]

Eatable Adventures strengthens its financial and HR departments

The Foodtech accelerator proudly unveils two exceptional additions to its executive team, who are well prepared to strengthen its financial infrastructure and enhance its unparalleled talent.  Eatable Adventures, one of the leading Foodtech accelerators, has proudly reinforced its executive team with the expertise of Miguel Ángel Torres, who now assumes the role of CFO, and […]

The Navarras companies Foodys and Cocuus sign an agreement for the industrialization and marketing of plant-based products from 3D bioprinting

Both companies installed the world’s first plant-based food bioprinting plant on an industrial scale in Tudela (Navarra), and came together to become one of the most cutting-edge companies in the sector. The first product to be produced will be vegetable bacon and it will hit the market by Foodys-Cocuus before summer. After this launch, they […]