The food consortium Italia del Gusto together with Eatable Adventures launched a challenge for international startups to find new sustainable, innovative, and functional solutions in the field of food packaging.

Amica Chips, Auricchio, PanPiuma, Parmalat, Ponti, Rovagnati, Urbani Tartufi, and Valsoia are the eight Italian Food companies promoting the Challenge, fostering new synergies between established businesses and startups.

In the contemporary landscape of the food industry, packaging stands at the forefront of formidable challenges. The escalating environmental consciousness is compelling companies to explore sustainable solutions, with a particular focus on minimizing plastic usage. This challenge is further underscored by the imperative to craft packaging that not only preserves food but also aligns with eco-friendly principles and functionality.

With the aim of addressing the growing needs of the industry and consumers, Italia del Gusto, the private consortium of leading Italian food and wine producers, and Eatable Adventures, one of the leading global foodtech accelerators, unveil an exciting Challenge focused on pioneering advancements in food packaging. This initiative is designed to harmonize packaging innovation with the imperative of ensuring sustainability and convenience, presenting avant-garde solutions that effectively meet the current challenges in the food sector.

The Challenge involves eight prestigious companies from Italia del Gusto: Amica Chips, Auricchio, PanPiuma, Parmalat, Ponti, Rovagnati, Urbani Tartufi, Valsoia. Their contribution has been crucial in identifying and defining the strategic areas of interest for this innovative initiative.

The requested proposals will focus on three strategic areas crucial for the food industry: sustainability, cost reduction, and innovative materials.

  • Recycle & Reuse: next-generation solutions and alternative materials to decrease plastic usage, promote the recycling of existing packaging, and encourage ecological alternatives.
  • Innovative Materials: Cutting-edge proposals to extend the shelf life of products, enhance functional and organoleptic characteristics, and promote consumption convenience.
  • Efficient Processes: Advanced solutions aimed at redefining packaging in the food industry by reducing costs, optimizing processes, and improving product traceability.

The selected startups will have the opportunity to establish collaborations with some of the most prestigious Italian food companies, test their solutions in real-world scenarios, and benefit from the support of industry experts, such as Eatable Adventures, to refine and validate their projects. Additionally, they will become part of a collaborative ecosystem that encourages the sharing of knowledge and ideas under the banner of Open Innovation. This journey will ultimately provide them with visibility and recognition at the international level, enabling them to enhance their presence in the food packaging market.

Interested startups can participate by submitting their innovative proposals through

The Consortium recognizes the importance of creating synergies with emerging entities and cutting-edge startups to innovate sustainably. That’s why it has decided, in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, to launch this challenge to seek sustainable solutions in product packaging,” states Giacomo Ponti, President of the Italia del Gusto Consortium. Investing in startups working on transformative solutions is crucial in a country like Italy, where the agri-food sector has traditionally been one of the pillars of the economy,” adds Alberto Volpe, General Manager of Italia del Gusto.


“Open Innovation, although still relatively uncommon, represents today an essential point of connection between new talents and traditional companies, playing a crucial role in the development of future businesses,” declares Andrea Manzini, General Manager of Eatable Adventures. “The Challenge we have organized in collaboration with Italia del Gusto is a tangible example of the need for new directions for businesses, promoting synergies and exchanges of ideas to overcome challenges in the agri-food sector, in this case related to packaging. This is aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurial fabric of our country and responding to the continuously changing needs of the industry.”


About Italia del Gusto 

Italia del Gusto, founded on September 19, 2006, is the first private consortium of companies operating in the Italian food and wine sector, whose members are selected for the quality of their products and the importance of their brands. Its mission is to help consortium companies improve their competitive position in international markets, strengthening their image as producers of high-quality food products. The Consortium engages in marketing, promotion, and global communication activities, public relations, participation in international fairs, and support in creating partnerships and commercial and logistical synergies among its members. The combined turnover amounts to over 30 billion euros.


About Eatable Adventures

Eatable Adventures, one of the leading food technology accelerators, identifies and supports the most innovative and disruptive food startups in the world, helping them to grow in the global market. With the aim of acting on the food front and promoting the adoption of more sustainable and efficient business models, under the banner of more intelligent use of technology, Eatable Adventures has more than 40 corporate programs annually, a community of more than 25,000 founders, and a deal flow of 3,000 foodtech projects analyzed in 2022. Promoting synergy between innovation, ethics, and sustainability, the company works to promote, develop, and democratize technologies in the agrifood sector, to build tomorrow’s food system: sustainable, efficient, healthy, and ensuring food security on a global scale.

The company launches, in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, the second edition of the “Areas for Change Challenge” with the aim of enabling the international entrepreneurial community to develop real solutions to the sector’s challenges in terms of sustainability.

Following the success of the first edition, Areas, international leader in food&beverage and travel retail with global headquarters in Barcelona, is launching the second edition of the ‘Areas for Change Challenge’, an initiative aimed at startups with the goal of finding concrete and feasible solutions that respond to the company’s own challenges for the coming years and those of the Food & Beverage and Travel Retail sector, on this occasion, in terms of sustainability.

The company has launched this new edition as part of its ESG strategy ‘Areas for Change’, which focuses on people, the planet and the future of travel. Specifically, the company wants to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to reduce its environmental footprint and, in this way, help in the fight against climate change and guide the company’s activity towards a more sustainable future.

With this program, and in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, one of the world’s leading foodtech accelerators, Areas is looking for startups that provide real solutions to the following sustainability challenges:

  • Recycling & Upcycling: Solutions related to waste management generated in Areas’ restaurants (primarily organic waste such as coffee, oil, fruit, and packaging), its reappraise and recycling.
  • Economy of Water: Innovative solutions (digital, robotic, or others) designed to enhance water management, reduce water consumption, and lower operating costs through Startups with pilot capacity, international scaling and/or impact on marketing and PR, to optimize production and reputation.
  • Return & Resume packaging: Digital solutions aimed at implementing and promoting a “use and return” packaging system to minimize the overall environmental impact of packaging, being as frictionless as possible to respect convenience.

All of this will be carried out through startups with pilot capacity, international scaling and/or impact on marketing and PR, for new lines of business and to improve efficiency. In addition to the three main areas of interest, Areas is actively seeking and evaluating startups that provide solutions related to the circular economy, with a particular focus on fashion and textiles and its applications related to employee uniforms.

Oscar Vela, Areas’ CEO worldwide, pointed out that “this challenge is being launched for the second consecutive year because we understand that it is important for companies like Areas to work to find solutions that transform the industry, and help promote a greater commitment and environmental awareness, offering a better experience for travelers. Vela highlighted the firm commitment to this project because “Areas’ purpose is to generate a positive impact on the planet, on people and on the future of travel, and to do so in an innovative, creative and disruptive way, together with the best startups and partners in the world.”

After an initial analysis, the selected startups will have the opportunity to work with Areas to develop a pilot program and support the company’s marketing strategy, among other benefits. In this sense, the selected startups will also be able to collaborate, together with the Areas team, to get the project off the ground and become a supplier of the company in the future.

Interested startups can register here:


Great success of participation in the first edition


Last March, Areas selected the 3 winning startups of the first edition of the ‘Areas for Change Challenge’ project, developed in collaboration with Eatable Adventures. On this occasion, the objective was to find feasible solutions that respond to the company’s own challenges for the coming years and those of the Food & Beverage and Travel Retail sector, focusing on 3 categories: sustainability, gastronomy and digitization.

From the more than 70 applications received from startups in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Eatable Adventures selected a total of 37 finalist projects, from which 9 finalist startups were selected. From these 9, 3 winning projects were finally chosen for their positive impact on the sector. These three projects had the opportunity to work with Areas, access its international network and, ultimately, to scale their project in the market.

The three winning companies were Flax&Kale, in the gastronomy category; Alberts, in the digitalization category; and Cupffee, in the sustainability category.

In words of Itziar Ortega, Senior VP Global Operations of Eatable Adventures “The selected startups will be able to test their proposals and scale with the support of a global benchmark in the Food & Travel Retail sector, adding to the legacy of sustainable innovation of this initiative. The successful implementation of Cupffee’s edible cups, a startup selected in the first edition, in different Areas’ establishments demonstrates how open innovation can become a very efficient collaboration tool for both parties, promoting innovation and sustainability in the sector”.


  • ICONE and Eatable Adventures uncover three key opportunities for growth in the country: enhancing the agri-food value chain, improving agri-food commercial and business exchanges, and introducing high-value crops.
  • Foodtech startups with innovative technology seeking to participate in a globally impactful project can apply now to the 3 Open Challenges to boost agri-food innovation and contribute to the country’s economic progress.

ICONE, a GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) project that promotes sustainable and innovative business practices in Cambodia, and Eatable Adventures, one of the world’s leading Foodtech accelerators, have joined forces to drive innovation in the agri-food sector in the northwest of the country.

The project aims to integrate sustainability and develop innovative solutions to boost local agri-food productivity, furthering the country’s economic progress. In the initial phase of the two-year program, a thorough analysis of the region’s agri-food industry was conducted to identify key opportunities for enhancing local businesses’ productivity and contributing to Cambodia’s economic growth.


Only 10% to 13% of local agricultural production undergoes processing.


According to the report jointly developed by GIZ and Eatable Adventures titled ‘Food Innovation and Agro-Processing Sector in North-Western Cambodia, agriculture stands as one of the foremost economic pillars of the country, contributing around 22% to its gross domestic product (GDP) and encompassing 30% of the nation’s total employment. Agricultural production dominates the primary sector, making up 60% of the sector’s GDP contribution, followed by fishing and livestock farming.

However, only 10% to 13% of agricultural production undergoes processing, leading to most exported products being in raw form. Additionally, a significant portion of these products undergo value-added products in Thailand and Vietnam before being exported back to Cambodia. Therefore, there is a pressing need for the country to focus on developing its processing and value-added capabilities in the agricultural sector to enhance its economic growth and global competitiveness.

Throughout the in-depth analysis conducted by ICONE and Eatable Adventures, three key growth areas have been identified to drive innovative technological solutions aimed at enhancing production processes in the agri-food sector and contributing to its growth and competitiveness.


Opportunity for startups: 3 Open Challenges for the global Foodtech ecosystem


Among the main challenges identified in the food tech sector, ICONE and Eatable Adventures have identified three key opportunities for global Foodtech startups to pioneer innovative solutions, foster increased local agri-food productivity, and drive economic growth in the region:

  • Transforming Tropical Fruit Production in Cambodia: The challenge aims to discover new solutions for enhancing the storage, delivery, and quality assurance of tropical fruits, particularly mangos, and bananas. The goal is to improve the current agricultural production practices and unlock new international market opportunities. The challenge looks for shelf-life extension technologies, innovative solutions in tropical fruits production and processing, as well as B2B Marketplaces for agricultural products.
  • Boosting agri-food global business relations in Cambodia: The challenge focuses on identifying new methodologies to promote trade exchanges and strengthening relations between producers, the industry, and the global market. The objective is to enhance Cambodia's competitiveness within the agri-food sector. Potential solutions encompass B2B global marketplaces, innovative traceability technologies, and digital innovations that facilitate connections between farmers, the industry, and buyers
  • Expanding Cambodia’s portfolio of premium products: This area of interest concentrates on the introduction of high-value-added products achieved through advanced food processing techniques and specialized cultivation of high-value crops, such as vanilla. The challenge seeks new cultivation and processing techniques and new high-value crop cultivation and processing methods.

Foodtech startups with innovative technology looking to participate in a globally impactful project can seize this opportunity by submitting their applications through the website.

  • The Hub has opened the application period for Exponential projects to participate in its innovation and technology transfer program.

  • The program promotes and finances collaborative R&D projects to develop innovative technological solutions that can be transferred from R&D centers to the agri-food industry.

Eatex Food Innovation Hub, the collaborative innovation hub for the transfer and implementation of technology in the agri-food industry has opened the deadline for receiving applications for exponential projects for the Innovation and Technology Transfer Development Program. The program is part of the main activities developed by the hub to promote and finance collaborative R&D&I projects for the development of innovative technological solutions that can be transferred from R&D centers to the agri-food industry.
Created a few months ago, Eatex Food Innovation Hub is a project driven by CNTA (National Center for Food Technology and Safety), with the support of the Government of Navarra and the collaboration of more than 10 R&D centers of the Navarra R&D&I System (SINAI), which promotes technology transfer in the agri-food sector to improve business competitiveness and find solutions to the industrial challenges of today and the future. This open and applied innovation ecosystem adopts a holistic approach, based on the implementation of agile and advanced research dynamics and models.
The program is addressed to companies and startups from any geographical location and SINAI R&D centers operating in the agri-food sector seeking collaborative projects based on consortia between companies and R&D centers. The companies are the promoters and are responsible for defining the technological challenge and the R&D centers are the main executors of the research activities.
In addition, the program contemplates two different modalities: Express projects, with fast execution (maximum duration of 6 months projects), and Exponential projects (with R&D&I activities that address complex problems with a variable execution period (from several months up to 2 years)). Pre-application for both modalities is open continuously from December 2022 and upon approval, the application phase will start. For Express projects the call will be open continuously, while for Exponential projects the call will remain open until May 22, 2023.

The projects will address new proposals and solutions in six key research areas for the agri-food industry: Promotion of the Agriculture and Livestock of the Future, Search for New Ingredients and Production Models, Development of New Food and Beverages for a Healthy Diet, and Implementation of the 4.0 Industry and Hyperconnected Processes.
According to Silvia García de la Torre, director of Eatex Food Innovation Hub, “The Program for the development of innovation and technology transfer is a unique opportunity for companies in the agri-food sector to solve their industrial challenges in an agile way, optimizing their resources and minimizing innovation risk.”
More information about Eatex Food Innovation Hub at

Areas for Change Challenge

Areas challenges the international entrepreneurial community to find real solutions related to sustainability, gastronomy, and digitalization challenges within the industry of food & beverage and travel retail.


Areas, the global leader company that manages restaurants and convenience stores at airports, train stations, and motorway travel plazas and which operates in 10 countries, has launched Areas for Change Challenge, its first Startups Challenge, to identify specific and feasible solutions to respond their business and sectorial challenges within the industry of food & beverage and travel retail, especially in terms of sustainability and consumer experience. 

The company has launched this new initiative in the framework of its ESG strategy ‘Areas for Change’, which focuses on three main pillars: People, Planet and Future. With this program, and in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, one of the leading global Foodtech accelerators, Areas is looking for startups delivering real solutions to the following challenges:

  • People: healthier products for breakfast and grab & go moments on the move
  • Planet: solutions for managing the waste generated in the Areas’ restaurants
  • Future: digital or robotic solutions to improve efficiency

The selected startups will have the opportunity to work with a leading company in the sector and access its international network: a 3-month pilot program in Areas’ locations at a global level; product placement expertise in Areas’ most relevant points of sale; support in go-to-market strategies with Areas professional team, consumer insights analysis by Areas expertise; investment for your project to take off and a potential future agreement to become a supplier.

According to Oscar Vela, CEO at Areas, “Areas promotes this challenge to find solutions that will reinvent the sector of travel retail and will help to promote a greater environmental commitment and experience for the travelers. We look for solutions that respond to the great challenges that we will face in the travel retail industry in the next years”. 

In words of Itziar Ortega, Senior VP of Global Operations at Eatable Adventures “We are very excited to launch this new challenge with a leading innovation company with an international presence such as Areas. The selected startups will have the great opportunity to scale and expand their business by working with a global leader in the travel retail sector, having access to all its know-how, infrastructure and network of points of sale. Thanks to the commitment of partners like Areas, we continue to accelerate the industry’s transition to a much more sustainable and efficient model.”

Those startups that are Interested in taking the market to the next level can register here:

  • The brewery along with the accelerator Eatable Adventures, are calling for startups from all over the world to participate in a new innovation challenge for the beverage sector.
  • The selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to develop a product test together with Mahou San Miguel’s team of experts.

Mahou San Miguel, a 100% Spanish family-owned beverage company and leader in the beer sector in Spain, launches the Rethink Your Drink Challenge, a new challenge to discover the drink of the future. As part of its Barlab Ventures project, along with Eatable Adventures, one of the three leading global food technology accelerators, the brewery wants to offer an open innovation platform for the entire food and beverage sector.

From today until September 5, startups from around the world with a differential, sustainable and innovative proposal that generates a transformative impact on the traditional beverage industry can submit their applications through the website

In the words of Miguel Ángel Miguel, General Manager of Transformation at Mahou San Miguel, “BarLab Ventures allows us to unite two of our main commitments: to leverage the possibilities that technology offers in order to provide innovative solutions to new challenges of the beverage sector, as well as strengthening collaboration with other organizations to drive their transformation”. Miguel Ángel, also points out that “we are convinced that through this project we will be able to share with entrepreneurs a common perspective to make bars, restaurants, distributors and the rest of our value chain strengthen their collaboration towards generating wealth, based on aspects such as excellence, innovation, and sustainability”.

José Luis Cabañero, CEO and founder of Eatable Adventures, commented “we are delighted to launch this initiative hand in hand with Mahou San Miguel, a company that is clearly committed to innovation and entrepreneurship”. He also assures that “the beverage sector offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups who seek to offer alternatives and innovative solutions to consumers, responding to the current reality but, above all, to the challenges of the future”.


Supporting entrepreneurs

The startups will have to present their innovative solutions in one of the following categories: innovative non-alcoholic alternatives, low alcoholic beverages (4º-7º), traditional categories reinvented, and beverages of the future.

Mahou San Miguel will offer the opportunity to develop a product test with its team of experts to accelerate the success of the winning proposals. In addition, the brewery will make available to the startups its distribution network, support in managing their territorial licenses, as well as in the field of financing, among other services.

baking the future

In an effort to further its relationship with startups in the baking world, Europastry reveals the accelerator program Baking the Future through its R & D center Cereal. This journey began with the Baking the Future Challenge launched with Eatable Adventures in June 2019, a competition to find a food-based start-up to help identify “the most innovative and disruptive solutions” to issues faced as an international baking manufacturer.

What is Baking the Future?

Baking the Future is an accelerator for startups in the bakery sector. The goal is to challenge the future of baking by helping startups around the world develop their products, test them in the marketplace and create new  business models. With this open innovation model, Cereal focuses on the search for ingredients, raw materials, or processes that reduce or eliminate trans fats, sugars, or solve intolerances and allergies; technologies focused on the reuse of waste, and new  business models to improve the consumer experience. 

The selected startups will participate in the Baking the Future acceleration  program for six months, during which they will receive mentoring, advice and business development. 

Call for Projects

Projects can be received until September 5th 2021The projects will be  assessed by an Evaluation Committee, made up of a team appointed by Europastry.  

Once a maximum of 5 projects have been selected, startups will be notified of their  inclusion in the Baking the Future acceleration program, which will start on 26  September 2021 at CEREAL in Barcelona

The Demo Day will take place six months later, in March 2022, enabling the startups to present their projects to a network of private investors and highly qualified experts. 

What can you expect from the accelerator?

Once the 5 startups are chosen as finalists, they will unlock a world of opportunities to help them develop their business with all necessary tools. These include tailor-made work sessions, available workspace at Cereals’s facilities in Barcelona, specialised mentoring sessions with experts in the bakery-related areas, access to Europastry’s R&D&i department and latest technologies and production on a pilot scale at the facilities.

In addition, expect Europastry’s smart capital in high-tech laboratory concept improvement, access to sensory testing, inspirational sessions and workshops, business plan design, pitch template and refinement, Demo Day preparatory sessions and a communication plan.Baking the Future is located in Barcelona, meaning you will be at the heart of one of the most dynamic foodtech centers in Europe.

You will feel the support from the very start of the program until your project is fully developed and ready to go to market.

Who is behind the program?


Europastry is a global leading bakery company. Founded in 1987, it has established itself as one of the most expert and state-of-the-art bakery companies in the sector of frozen dough for bread, rolls, pastries and snacks. With 22 production plants and 26 sales offices around the world, Europastry is currently present in more than 70 countries. In 2020, Europastry reached 686 million euros in turnover and launched more than 400 new products to the market. 


Cereal is Europastry’s main R&D centre, founded in 2016 in Barcelona. At Cereal, bakers, confectioners, engineers, chemists and nutritionists join forces to cater to the demands and new trends that arise in the market. Europastry’s R&D team launches 400 new products a year and each year develops more than 1,100 projects.

Spain is a major power in the agri-food sector worldwide, a strategic sector in our economy (representing 9.2% of GDP and 11.9% of employment). The technology applied in this sector is creating a revolution, with more than 400 Foodtech startups. In this context Spain FoodTech Startups Program was created as an acceleration program promoted by Eatable Adventures, with the purpose of supporting the development of foodtech projects with a solid technological base. The program is supported by the National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA) and ICEX Spain Export and Investment. 

5 startups were selected and, for 6 months, had a personalized acceleration plan with the support from CNTA, focusing on achieving their technological development and consolidation.

The agri-food startups with disruptive technology selected for the program are:

COCUUS: presents its MimETHICA platform, designed for large-scale bio-printing of plant-based products analogous to traditional animal protein products. Winner of the Foodtech Startup Forum 2021, organized by Food4Future in Bilbao.

MOA: combines biotechnology and artificial intelligence to convert waste and by-products from the agri-food industry into a ”next generation protein” with high nutritional value and 100% sustainable.

INNOMY: has developed a range of animal protein substitute products based on the cultivation of mushroom mycelium.

H2HYDROPONICS: designs, operates and delivers at full capacity hydroponic vertical and indoor farming facilities in countries with extreme climates.

PROPPOS AI: applies artificial intelligence and computer vision to offer a cashierless solution in foodservice and supermarkets. Winners of the award given by the Basque Culinary Center at the Food4Future event.

Spain Foodtech is part of Eatable Adventures’ mission to build the food companies of the future. Mila Valcárcel, managing partner of Eatable Adventures, talks about the program: “We have five participants who have completed the program. The results are an absolute success. The value of the startups has multiplied by 6.3 during the program.” 

Eatable Adventures is one of the world’s top three food tech accelerators, has a global community of over 25,000 members, an international network of partnerships with incubators, accelerators, foodtech and agritech events, academia, investors and governments.

Spain Foodtech Demo Day

The 5 finalists startups showcased their developments during the Spain Foodtech virtual demoday after an introduction about the Spanish ecosystem and the program results explained by Eatable Adventures CEO José Luis Cabañero.

Video link:


Pascual Innoventures renews its collaboration with Eatable Adventures for the launch of Mylkcubator, the first global incubation program for technological advances in the fields of cell cultures and fermentation techniques for the dairy industry.

Mylkcubator is the first international incubator focused on the detection and development of highly innovative startups specialized in the application of new technologies for the dairy industry value chain. 

The Mylkcubator challenge

According to the RethinkX report “Rethink Food and Agriculture 2020-2030”, by 2030 almost 90% of U.S. dairy protein demand will come from precision fermentation alternatives.

Solid protein (casein and whey) account for just 3,3% of milk’s overall composition, the 87,75% is made up of water and the rest is sugar (mainly lactose), fats, vitamins and minerals.

The key to understanding the disruption of the dairy is that cellular agriculture only needs to disrupt 3,3% of the milk bottle, attributed to the key functional proteins. 

The incubation program


The program will be launched on an annual basis starting in 2021 and will feature “high-performance” content focused on building strong technology-based startups that provide answers to the challenges facing the dairy industry.

The first edition of Mylkcubator will last 6 months, from selection to the demo day. The goal is to enroll 10 startups, entrepreneurs or scientific projects, with innovative solutions in the cellular agriculture spectrum for the dairy industry within the following technologies: cell based, fermentation based and applied technologies. All the details about the program are available on the official website 

Pascual Innoventures team

The ones behind Pascual Innoventures are Gabriel Torres Pascual, third generation of the Pascual family and director of Pascual Innova; and Sejal Ravji, a biochemical engineer from University College of London and doctor in rheology, director of Pascual Innoventures. Both have impressive international backgrounds and have gained extensive work experience in different fields before joining this adventure.

“The entrepreneurial, innovative spirit is in our genes, it comes from the attitude that my grandfather instilled in us of being nonconformist, dreaming big and daring to take risks, not only with our heads but also with our hearts. This is how Pascual Innoventures was born with a long-term vision and the purpose of giving the best for the future of food. We will work hand in hand with startups that allow us to move into the future” says Gabriel Torres.

In 2020, Pascual Innoventures in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, launched another call for projects, the Plant-based Dairy Challenge, to search for the best startups in the plant based dairy ecosystem.

Visit the Mylkcubator website for more information: 

pascual innoventures

The Pascual family created and launched today Pascual Innoventures, a different model of Corporate Venture Capital that aims to identify and develop new businesses that will give a better future to food. It’s an independent society from the company Pascual that looks to find new external opportunities, while maintaining the same value of ‘giving our best’ when looking for startups that are innovating the food tech sector.

Pascual Innoventures is based on 4 pillars: Explore, Invent, Invest and Accelerate.

What sets them apart is the addition of inventing and investing, since most investment programs are purely financial in the agrifood industry. Innoventures’ mission is to help startups in early stages to develop and grow, becoming an accelerator partner that will accompany the process from development to conception to the search for new investors.

This means that the selected startups to participate in the program will have a shared purpose and philosophy with the company, and will operate in all the territories where Pascual is present. Whether it is sustainability, circular economy, animal welfare, or health, it’s the similar values that will allow the creation of the future Pascual companies. 

The ‘Invent’ side of it is the development of tools and necessary processes to create their startups through their own financing, society, talent and way of working.

Who is behind Pascual Innoventures

The ones behind this program are Gabriel Torres Pascual, third generation of the Pascual family and director of Pascual Innova; and Sejal Ravji, a biochemical engineer from University College of London and doctor in rheology, director of Pascual Innoventures. Both have impressive international backgrounds and have gained extensive work experience in different fields before joining this adventure.

Having grown up in the Pascual family, Gabriel Torres affirms that entrepreneurship and innovation are part of his genes passed on from his grandfather – also to not conform to the rules, dream big and take risks. With this making up his DNA and that of Pascual Innoventures’, they are looking towards the big picture and long-term to shape the future of food with innovative startups.

Innoventures and Venvitotech

Innoventures has recently closed a 5-year contract with Venvirotech, a startup in biotechnology that transforms organic residue in bioplastics through bacteria. Together, they will develop a project called “Magic Water” to transform untreated water generated by the company into biodegradable material – achieving a circular economy.

In addition to Venvirotech, Pascual Innoventures is working with several other strategic projects that will bring solutions to some of the most important challenges in the agrifood sector, such as food security, health & wellness and circular economy.

Eatable Adventures looks forward to accompanying closely the growth of Pascual Innoventures and witnessing all the progress they will achieve in the foodtech world.