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With the worldwide foodtech community growing in an exponential manner, 2023 arrives full of noteworthy foodtech events that bring the opportunity for leaders, and entrepreneurs to connect, create and learn about new disruptive projects that will change the foodtech industry for good, in a sustainable way. 


January 31- February 2 Fermentation-Enabled Alt.Pro Summit 🇺🇸

The 3rd annual Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit, as the only industry-led forum uniting the entire biomass and precision fermentation ecosystem, will return to San Francisco as an in-person meeting. Hosting 150+ key decision-makers from biotech and food tech, multinational consumer packaged goods, independent food brands, and ingredient suppliers, this 3-day summit will help you scale up and successfully commercialize fermentation-enabled alternatives with speed to market. 


February 15-16 Meat Evolution Summit 2023 🇩🇪

MEVO is a leaders summit that exclusively brings in-person decision makers from prominent to small-sized manufacturers, commercial producers, investors, cutting-edge technology providers, intellectuals, brands, and future food vanguards who want to increase their knowledge and foothold in this lucrative growth market. This 2-day summit will be full of powerful talks with CXOs who are revolutionizing the food industry, it will showcase the latest technologies, best practices, and advanced strategies that reduce time-to-market, solutions that minimize production costs, and knowledge sharing to learn optimal scale-up globally.

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February 15-16 New Food Invest 💻

The New Food Invest is a global conference series that will bring together international plant-based and cultured-food businesses, investors, and venture capitalists to benefit from the growth of the alternative protein sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

 February 21-23 The Future of Protein Production 💻

This 3-day online event serves as a meeting place for accelerating the commercialization of alternative proteins.  It’s addressed to any company involved in making the global food system more sustainable, kind, and fair for the planet, people, and animals. It’s an open space for networking and will count on more than 100 conferences with 75+ speakers.    

It’s an opportunity to explore and discuss with world-leading experts, discover the latest industry trends, and grow and promote businesses.  


March 14  Tastes of Better – Food Matters Live 🇬🇧

The first event in their event series take place on March 14th. Embrace an exclusive VIP experience in their unique London venue. Through technical presentations and tastings, you’ll explore the latest ingredient, flavour and colour solutions from the industry’s leading innovators.

March 14-15 World Agritech USA  🇺🇸

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit returns on March 2023. A global audience of 2000 will gather in San Francisco and online for a unique, 2-day event aimed at moving transformational agricultural technologies out of the lab and into the field. This event has become the annual meeting place for the global agtech ecosystem. Growers, agribusiness leaders, technology pioneers, and investors come together to exchange insights, be inspired, and identify future partners.

March 16-17 Future Food-Tech SF 🇺🇸

Future Food-Tech is a key event to connect and work towards a food system that is better for people and better for the planet. It’s an inspirational event where large established players and small innovative companies are both represented to discuss future technologies in the food space. Food brands, active investors, start-ups, and technology leaders reunited to connect, network, and expand their knowledge of the industry.

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March 20 – 22 International Food & Drink Event 🇬🇧

Held in the city of innovation, London, IFE, International Food & Drink Event, brings together an immersive and interactive event. Over the three days, IFE will welcome 25,000 key industry professionals to come and sample the latest products, develop their knowledge of the trends affecting the food and drink sector, and network face-to-face with suppliers.

Your pass will give you unrivaled access to touch, taste, and sample the latest innovative products from around the world, listen and learn from our incredible line-up of speakers, plus meet and reconnect with industry peers.

 March 21 – 23 Plant-Based Proteins & Foods Course Europe 🇳🇱

Since 2005, the Plant-Based Proteins & Foods Courses have trained more than 2,000 professionals from around the world. These training courses were created to accelerate innovation, share ideas, and showcase the latest developments in alternative proteins and plant-based foods across the entire formulation process.

It aims to give participants a theoretical and practical overview of plant-based proteins currently available for food applications and to provide hands-on information about their properties and functionalities through its workshops. It also offers an overview of plant-based food ingredient innovations (Colors, Flavors, Binders, Hydrocolloids, Stabilizers, and Shelf-life).

The entry-level delegates for this course are a BSc or MSc in the following areas of expertise: food, feed, chemistry, biology, nutrition, science, microbiology, health, etc. Managers with food-industry experience can also participate.

March 30-31 American Food Innovate Summit 🇺🇸

The American Food Innovate Summit will return to Chicago on March 2023. This event aims to bring together the leading experts within the food industry. The key speakers come from some of the largest companies to share their best practices, regulations, and techniques. Over 2 days they will share case studies and their valuable expertise in innovation, technology, and R&D & Formulation.


April 14-16 New Protein China Forum🇨🇳

The forum will take place at Nanjing International Exhibition Center.  It will cover heated topics, including Plant-based business Sessions, Cell-based business Sessions, Fermentation or Fungi business sessions, startups & Investors sessions. Experts from regulatory agencies, academics, investment institutions, leading companies, and innovative companies explained their opinions and predictions about the industry.

Meanwhile, VeggieWorld Activity Stage also presents more diverse activities: Live Cooking Show, KOLs sharing their experience, environmental protection cases, etc. The goal is aiming to build up a professional exchange and trade platform for global plant-based and new protein food industries, as well as a consumer education movement, to present the world’s latest products, technologies, and life concepts to everyone.

April 25-27 Bridge 2 Foods PB Foods & Proteins Summit America 🇺🇸

Bridge2Food is a unique 3-in-1 Summit on Industry, Startups, Ecosystems, and Research Strategies which will take place in Chicago, United States, bringing together key leaders from all along the value chain who are working to drive transformation. This summit included three days to learn the latest innovations and research, find solutions and strategies, grow networks, and discover where the plant-based sector is heading next.


May 9-10 Food Innovate Milan 🇮🇹

The World Food Innovate Summit returns to Milan in May 2023. Bringing together the leading experts within the food industry. The key speakers come from some of the largest companies to share their best practices, regulations, and techniques

Over 2 days they will share case studies and their valuable expertise in food safety, quality, and manufacturing practices.

May 9-11 Vitafoods Europe 🇨🇭

Vitafoods annual gathering in Geneva, Switzerland sees a truly global audience across four sectors covering the entire nutraceutical supply chain, from beginning to end. This exhibition, conference, and networking events form the perfect ecosystem for businesses to thrive and forge long-term collaborations, enrich their understanding and initiate critical conversations around the most pressing issues concerning the health and nutrition industry.

May 11-12 FoodHack Summit 2023 🇨🇭

A 2-day event in Lausanne bringing together the world’s best and brightest food tech founders, leaders, and innovators. You will network with the best and brightest minds in FoodTech, discover upcoming startups, and taste the latest industry innovations.

May 12 & 26 Controlled Environment Agriculture 4.0 💻

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0 returns for its 3rd edition in its focus on supporting farms, farmers, and produce providers through the provision of knowledge and assistance on the key aspects of the evolving technologies, processes, and practices being developed, used, and implemented on indoor farms to enhance their productivity and yield.
Attendance is complimentary for all indoor farms that are solely focused on growing their own food and in-house produce directly for consumers.

Over 500 indoor farming professionals from 250+ farms, farmers, produce suppliers, and industry solution providers will once again be joining the event, providing the industry with the unique opportunity to outline and discuss the advancements, innovations, and efficiencies that are ongoing to support the evolution and development of the indoor farm.
“Accelerating the development, advancement & efficiency of indoor farming”

May 16-17 Rethinking Materials 2023 🇬🇧

Rethinking Materials 2023 will be a world-class gathering of over 300+ visionary CPG Brands, Retailers, Producers, Converters, Regulators, Innovators, and Investors reimagining how materials in consumer products are produced, consumed, repurposed, and financed. It will be hosted in London and live-streamed to a global audience online. In its third year, the summit presents perspectives from brands and corporate leaders facing big questions on sustainability, business continuity, and regulatory requirements; converters and manufacturers sourcing viable, scalable, and sustainable new solutions; start-ups and producers developing innovative technologies and exploring new markets, and investors scouting the next ground-breaking innovations.

May 16-17  Tastes of Better – Food Matters Live 🇬🇧

Embrace an exclusive VIP experience. Through technical presentations and tastings, you’ll explore the latest ingredient, flavor, and color solutions from the industry’s leading innovators.

The key themes focus on the need to meet the consumer demand for products that deliver on taste, convenience, sustainability, and affordability.

May 16-18 Food4Future 🇪🇸

Food 4 Future Bilbao World Summit will reunite experts in AI applied to the design of new foods, technology industry for food production, research, and development centers applied to the improvement of food and resources, climate change agents, disruptive initiatives, and solutions with impact on the sector, start-ups that are revolutionizing and satisfying unmet demands in the market, business models and success stories of companies and multinationals in the industry, scientific associations, and universities with applicable research to improve production processes, Companies, and designers of more sustainable packaging and packaging. This Call is open to consortia (public-private), industry experts, social activists, technology companies, researchers, analysts, and people with strategic visions who can help us inspire global leaders in the food ecosystem.

May 23-24 Blue Food Innovation Summit 🇬🇧

The Blue Food Innovation Summit returns to London to delve deeper into the fast-developing landscape of ocean health and blue food production. It has never been more important to invest in sustainable aquaculture. It will welcome aquaculture producers, feed specialists, technology providers, kelp farmers, investors, start-ups, and retailers from around the globe to exchange ideas, share experiences and forge new partnerships to scale blue food production sustainably while protecting and restoring our oceans.

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May 24-25 F&A Next 🇳🇱

F&A Next is about sharing insights on innovation and investing in early-stage businesses and connecting promising startups and scale-ups, to dedicated food & agtech investors and innovative corporates. The most promising Food & Ag startups and scale-ups will present their propositions on the ‘stage’. It’s a 2-day event held in Wageningen with pitches and debates about the dynamics in food and agriculture. The 2023 theme is yet to be announced. Insights of the 8th edition are currently being developed.

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May 31 – June 1 Food Tech Congress 

The annual Food Tech Congress is where innovation thrives, bold ideas spark and business gets done. In two action-packed days, it hosts the most prominent food tech entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and government leaders from all around the globe to solve the most pressing challenges of the industry. This year this event will take place in Warsaw, Poland, and will count with 1000+ attendees, 7 conference tracks, 150+ speakers, and 2 networking days.

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June 1-2 Sweden Foodtech Big Meet 🇸🇪

The Sweden Foodtech Big Meet is our annual foodtech un-conference where we invite the best foodtech companies, entrepreneurs, scientists and athletes from all over the world.

June 6-8 Bridge2Food PB Foods Summit Europe 🇳🇱

Bridge2Food, the unique 4-in-1 Summit on Industry, Startups, Ecosystems, Research & Government Strategies, which will take place in The Hague, Netherlands, brings together key leaders from all along the value chain who are working to drive transformation. This summit includes three days to learn the latest innovations and research, find solutions and strategies, grow networks, and discover where the plant-based sector is heading next.

June 13 IESE Food & Beverage 🇪🇸

The 26 IESE Food & Beverage Meeting under the title of “The new paradox: Finding uncertainty in an uncertain business environment” aims to tackle the short-term and long-term issues impacting the industry at the current moment. The event will delve into global macroeconomic factors such as geopolitics, inflation and pricing, the consumer of the future, value chain transformation, the future of IT, and the impact of regulatory measures on the business.

It will feature expert speakers who will provide insights on these topics and share their experiences. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry peers and gain new perspectives on how to navigate the evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry.

June 20-21 World Agritech Latam 🇧🇷

The World Agri-Tech South America Summit in São Paulo will gather global agri-food corporates, investors, and technology start-ups from around the world to uncover the most exciting innovations in the agri-food sector and to forge the right partnerships to take those solutions to market.

June 27-28 Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins 🇺🇸

The summit on June 21-22 connected the entire value chain from around the world to map out the future of protein. 913 delegates joined us in New York to meet the Founders, investors, and food brands pioneering the future of alternative proteins.

TBD Fermentation-Enabled Alt.Pro. Europe 🇳🇱

Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit Europe will be returning in 2023. The Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit Europe will host key industry leaders from biotech and food tech, multinational consumer packaged goods, independent food brands and ingredient suppliers, looking towards scale-up and commercialization of next-generation alternative proteins.


July 11-13 Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit Europe🇳🇱 

Unlock the power of biomass and precision fermentation to bring alternative meat proteins to the market in the second edition of this program. Exciting developments within the novel foods space are unfolding over Europe and the rest of the world.  The novel foods technology area is seeing surges of investment, in countries such as Israel, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. Adding to the excitement, the emergence of the Fungi Protein Association has paved the way for key players in the field – Quorn FoodsEnough, and Mycorena – to advocate the fungi-based protein scene. Hear from all 3 of these companies, amongst others, at this event in Amsterdam.


The theme of the 4th Edition of the Global Vertical Farming Show in Dubai is aimed at Transforming Food Systems to achieve better nutrition, enhance Food Security and improve climate change outcomes – via vertical farming integration in Agriculture.
The Global Vertical Farming Show, a highly successful event that brings together modern farming pioneers to collaborate and grow, is returning to Dubai for its 4th edition.
The event has already set a high standard in its previous editions and promises to be ground-breaking once again. GVF 2023 – Dubai is a trailblazing event that will gather the complete vertical farming ecosystem to explore the market, introduce brands, and create long-term strategic partnerships over two power-packed business networking days.
With inspiring speakers taking to the stage from international brands, including FoodValley NL, Unilever, Alara Wholefoods, Greggs and more, you can expect to learn about innovations in ingredients, the progression of mainstreaming sustainable food consumption, how reformulation can be the solution, and other industry leading topics.
Join us at TechChill Milano 2023, the event for tech&startup industry leaders alike! Get ready for three days of innovation, networking… With over 100 international investors and 200+ startups, it’s the place to be for networking, startup pitches, and an inspirational stage agenda.

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September 26-27 World Agritech Innovation Summit London  🇬🇧

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit has become the annual meeting place for the global agtech industry and brings together leading agribusinesses, co-operatives, CPG brands, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers to accelerate the transition to sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. The summit is an unrivaled opportunity to meet up with industry colleagues from across the UK and around the world, check in with partners, kickstart new connections, and secure face-to-face time with new prospects during side meetings, dinners, drinks receptions, and dedicated networking experiences.

September 26-28 Biospain 🇪🇸

This year, BIOSPAIN goes back to Barcelona, the main biotech cluster in Spain and one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The event will take place in Pavilion 1 – Fira de Barcelona – Montjuïc. It stands in a superb location in the city center, easily accessible from the airport and well-connected to the public transport network. It is located in Montjuïc Park, an area of cultural and historical interest thanks to its museums and theatres and it also features some of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona.

September 26-29  Alimentaria FoodTech 🇪🇸

Alimentaria FoodTech is the machinery, technology and ingredients exhibition that integrates the food and beverage industry’s production, transformation and preservation value chain. It is a cross-cutting exhibition that serves the food and beverage production industry from raw materials to commercial distribution.

Alimentaria FoodTech, consolidated since 1984 by Alimentaria Exhibitions, a world leader in food and beverage trade shows, presents the industry’s latest products and is the innovation meeting point for the sector’s most important companies, SMEs, international exhibitors and visitors, sector associations, technology centres and institutions.

September 28-29 Future Food-Tech London 🇬🇧

Future Food-Tech’s European flagship returns in person for the first time in three years to spotlight the new technologies and partnerships that are building healthier and more sustainable food systems. The summit will offer an unrivaled opportunity to meet like-minded food brand directors, investors and entrepreneurs to share, showcase and scale these innovative solutions.



October 7-11 Anuga 🇩🇪

As the leading global trade fair, Anuga is the most important source of impetus for the international food and beverage industry. As the world’s only supplier fair, it covers all aspects of food production. Here, the industry presents its latest innovations and technological visions – from process technology to filling and packaging technology to food safety, from packaging materials to digitalization and intralogistics. And beyond that, there’s plenty more to discover.


October 10-11 Animal Agtech 🇳🇱

Join this incredible summit to meet over 300 livestock producers, animal health providers, feed and nutrition companies, technology developers, start-ups, and investors. They’ll be there ready to network and create new partnerships to improve the meat and dairy production landscape.

See who is already confirmed to join us at www.animalagtech.com/ecosystem. Check out the two-day programme with insightful speakers, case studies, lightning talks, presentations, and fascinating start-up pitches at www.animalagtecheurope.com/agenda. Ready to book? It’s easy at www.animalagtecheurope.com/register or get in touch with me to confirm your place over the phone.


October 10-11  Tastes of Better – Food Matters Live 🇬🇧

Following their event series, embrace this exclusive VIP experience in their unique London venue. Through technical presentations and tastings, you’ll explore the latest ingredient, flavor and color solutions from the industry’s leading innovators.

October 17-18 Nutrevent 🇫🇷

NutrEvent is an opportunity to connect with international key innovators in the Food, Feed, Nutrition, and Health sectors in Rennes, France. As a unique European partnering event, NutrEvent provides the ideal environment for academic and industrial actors to build partnerships, source innovative and competitive R&D projects, foster the emergence of collaborative projects, increase licensing opportunities, obtain funding and facilitate market access

October 25-26 Bridge 2 Foods Plant-Based Proteins & Foods Course Americas 🇺🇸

The Plant-Based Proteins & Foods Course, which will take place in Chicago, USA,  is designed to give participants a theoretical and practical overview of plant-based proteins currently available for food applications and to provide hands-on experience learning about their properties and functionalities.

October 31 – November 3 Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit 🇸🇬

Food security is top of the agenda for the 2023 Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit. The programme will feature themed tracks for agriculture, aquaculture, indoor farming, and the future of food-tech. It’s an essential platform for knowledge-sharing and networking, through a valuable mix of panel debates, start-up pitches, breakout discussion groups, and 1-1 video networking. It will be held in a virtual and face-to-face format.


November 13 Foodtech IL 🇮🇱

FoodTechIL is the main event of the Israeli FoodTech ecosystem. FoodTech IL will bring the entire community – entrepreneurs, investors, food industry leaders, government officials, researchers and service providers, together under one roof.

November 15-16 Plant-based World Europe 🇬🇧

Plant-Based World Expo is the must-attend, 100% plant-based event designed exclusively for food service and retail professionals, distributors, investors, and manufacturers. At this event, it can discover innovative plant-based products, hear from industry leaders and pioneers, and connect with the right people from the trade including retailers, caterers, investors, buyers, and distributors. Plus, you’ll be the first to sample mouth-watering plant-based food from ground-breaking international companies. 

November 28-30 Bridge 2 Foods PB Foods & Proteins Summit Asia🇸🇬

Bridge 2 Foods Plant-Base Foods & Protein Summit in Asia is a unique 2-in-1 Summit on Industry, Startups, Ecosystems, Research & Government Strategies, which will take place in Singapore, brings together key leaders from all along the value chain who are working to drive transformation. This summit included three days to learn the latest innovations and research, find solutions and strategies, grow networks, and discover where the plant-based sector is heading next.

November 21-22 Free From Food Expo 🇳🇱

The 11th edition of the Free From Food Expo will take place on 21-22 November 2023 in RAI Amsterdam. This yearly European event promises to be the most focused, dynamic, and exciting Free From Food edition yet! This trendy retail & food service trade fair is leading in providing insight into the most important food lifestyle trends as well as what will be on the shelves five years from now. During Free From Amsterdam 2023 hundreds of international manufacturers and brands within the food & beverage industry will present their newest product innovations. Relevant products that are ready to be placed on the supermarket and foodservice shelves, as well as on the menus within the catering & hospitality industry.

Throughout the Free From Expo & Conference Amsterdam 2023 thousands of food professionals will visit more than three hundred exhibitors within two days. Additionally, more than sixty international and local keynote speakers will answer questions such as: What does the consumer want? What products connect to this and which parties can make these products? The trade show provides speed and efficiency in developing the right products and a shelf fill that actually meets the demand of the increasingly conscious consumer.

November 28-30 Fi Europe 🇩🇪

Discover innovative products and solutions from 1000+ exhibitors, and hear firsthand from them at the Exhibitor Showcases. Stay updated on the latest industry trends through the comprehensive agenda of live and on-demand content sessions from global experts, and build relationships by networking with current and prospective business partners, thought leaders, and industry peers.


November 30-December 1 Plant-based World Europe 🇬🇧

Plant-Based World Expo is the must-attend, 100% plant-based event designed exclusively for food service and retail professionals, distributors, investors, and manufacturers. At this event, it can discover innovative plant-based products, hear from industry leaders and pioneers, and connect with the right people from the trade including retailers, caterers, investors, buyers, and distributors. Plus, you’ll be the first to sample mouth-watering plant-based food from ground-breaking international companies.


We will be regularly updating this article with foodtech events in 2023 as they come along!

Alberto Barbari joins Eatable Adventures as Programme Director

Eatable Adventures, one of the world’s leading agrifood accelerators,  – the Foodtech Accelerator of the National Network of CDP Venture Capital SGR. Foodseed is a pioneering program aimed at promoting innovation and excellence in the Italian agrifood industry. The program counts on the support of renowned partners and co-investors such as Fondazione Cariverona, UniCredit, and Eatable Adventures, as well as corporate partners including Amadori, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Axxelera, Veronafiere, and scientific partner the University of Verona.


Barbari, a seasoned Open Innovation expert, will collaborate with Riccardo Fisogni, the Vice President and General Manager of Eatable Adventures Italia. Together, they will undertake a strategic search for the most innovative startups operating in the FoodTech and AgriTech sectors, capable of addressing the evolving needs of the Italian food supply chain.

Alberto Barbari holds a degree in Management Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering of the Food Industry. He has gained extensive experience in the FMCG sector, particularly in product development, Design Thinking, and Open Innovation. As the newly appointed Program Director of the Foodseed Accelerator, Barbari will leverage his wealth of expertise to drive the Italian project forward. Over the next three years, Foodseed will actively seek out the most innovative startups operating in the FoodTech and AgriTech industries, with the ultimate goal of creating new business models and fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes sustainability, technology, and ethics. All of these elements will work in synergy to drive the growth and development of the food supply chain.


With 5 years of experience in the Barilla Group, specifically in the Innovation division, Barbari has gained valuable expertise in Open Innovation. He has collaborated on projects that have revolutionized the food industry, anticipating the benefits that a smart utilization of technology can bring to the agri-food system of the future. His experience at the Italian multinational has sharpened his ability to identify forward-thinking and innovative initiatives within Barilla’s Global Innovation Platform Unit. This has been achieved by exploring, implementing, and testing cutting-edge technologies, disruptive business models, and new food products and services.


As the Program Director of Foodseed, Alberto Barbari will oversee all aspects of the acceleration program, from designing and managing the training curriculum to planning the roadmap for participating startups, including recruitment, selection, evaluation, and investment roadshows. He will also be responsible for identifying mentors and ensuring that the program provides maximum benefits to the startups.

“I am delighted to be in my new position at Eatable Adventures. Having worked with the Italian food industry for a long time, I am aware of the challenges and potential of this sector. I look forward to discovering the new projects that will be part of Foodseed and guiding them towards a path where innovation complements the tradition of Made in Italy. In the years to come, the Italian supply chain will undergo significant changes, and the ethical use of technology will play a crucial role in the production and sales process. Despite these challenges, Italy is ready to make a comeback on the international stage, reaffirming its excellence in food and wine. The synergy between technology and sustainability will inject new energy into our country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem,” commented Alberto.


Barbari’s arrival is just one of many steps that the Accelerator has taken in its expansion, resulting in a 25% increase in staff in recent months to support growth both nationally and internationally. The Accelerator’s commitment to this expansion has been further strengthened by the recent addition of Julia Espeso as Ecosystem Director, who brings significant experience from Harvard University’s ‘Food&Science’ research group. The Accelerator has also opened new offices in Verona, Barcelona, and Bilbao in recent months, demonstrating its dedication to promoting the adoption of new technologies in the food sector. Offering 40 annual programs to companies and governments in Europe and Latin America, as well as 10 acceleration and incubation programs and an extensive network of over 25,000 entrepreneurs, the Accelerator continues to expand its reach and impact.

Eatable Adventures une fuerzas con el Gobierno Alemán para impulsar la innovación del sector agroalimentario en el noroeste de Camboya

The Foodtech accelerator has been selected by the German Agency for International Cooperation to increase agri-food productivity and promote sustainable practices in the region.


ICONE, a project of GIZ (the German Agency for International Cooperation), which promotes sustainable and innovative business practices in Cambodia, has selected Eatable Adventures to drive innovation in the agri-food sector in the northwest of the country. This partnership seeks to integrate sustainable practices and develop innovative solutions to increase the agri-food productivity of local businesses, contributing to the country’s economic progress.

Agriculture stands as one of the foremost economic pillars of the country, contributing around 22% to its gross domestic product (GDP) and encompassing 30% of the nation’s total employment. Alas, a mere 10% to 13% of agricultural produce is subject to processing, resulting in the majority of exported items being in their raw form. It is noteworthy that a significant portion of these products undergoes value-added products in Thailand and Vietnam before being exported back to Cambodia (1). Therefore, there is a need for the country to focus on developing its processing and value-addition capabilities in the agricultural sector to improve its economic growth and competitiveness in the global market.

With this partnership, ICONE and Eatable Adventures will launch a two-year program that aims to analyze the current state of the agri-food industry in the northwest region of Cambodia, encourage investment in the sector’s businesses, and identify the best proposals through innovation challenges and incubation programs.
This initiative is crucial to boosting the agri-food industry on a global scale and responding to some of the sector’s most pressing challenges in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and food security. With the world’s population set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the need for sustainable and innovative food solutions is more pressing than ever.
“We are excited to partner with Eatable Adventures to promote innovation in the agri-food sector,” said Dr. Stefan Hanselmann, ICONE Program Director. “Our goal is to identify and support the most promising innovations, embed innovative practices in companies, and help drive investment in this strategic sector.”

Eatable Adventures is recognized for its innovative approach applied to the sustainable transition of the global agri-food sector. “We are committed to building the food system of the future by promoting more innovative, sustainable, and efficient business models. This partnership with ICONE is a key milestone for us, as it is fully aligned with our mission to develop and democratize technologies in the agri-food sector, thus contributing to global food security,” said Paula Giser, Director of Corporate Programs at Eatable Adventures. With this same objective in mind, Eatable Adventures has already forged several strategic alliances with governments and international institutions in Colombia, Spain, and Italy.

Over the next two years, the two entities will work together with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the northwest region of Cambodia to identify and promote the most promising innovations in the agri-food industry, offering a unique growth opportunity for companies seeking to address these pressing challenges and meet the growing demand for food in a responsible and ethical manner.


1. Fuente: FAO, 2021 & World Development Indicators 2021 (WDI) by the World Bank

  • The Hub has opened the application period for Exponential projects to participate in its innovation and technology transfer program.

  • The program promotes and finances collaborative R&D projects to develop innovative technological solutions that can be transferred from R&D centers to the agri-food industry.

Eatex Food Innovation Hub, the collaborative innovation hub for the transfer and implementation of technology in the agri-food industry has opened the deadline for receiving applications for exponential projects for the Innovation and Technology Transfer Development Program. The program is part of the main activities developed by the hub to promote and finance collaborative R&D&I projects for the development of innovative technological solutions that can be transferred from R&D centers to the agri-food industry.
Created a few months ago, Eatex Food Innovation Hub is a project driven by CNTA (National Center for Food Technology and Safety), with the support of the Government of Navarra and the collaboration of more than 10 R&D centers of the Navarra R&D&I System (SINAI), which promotes technology transfer in the agri-food sector to improve business competitiveness and find solutions to the industrial challenges of today and the future. This open and applied innovation ecosystem adopts a holistic approach, based on the implementation of agile and advanced research dynamics and models.
The program is addressed to companies and startups from any geographical location and SINAI R&D centers operating in the agri-food sector seeking collaborative projects based on consortia between companies and R&D centers. The companies are the promoters and are responsible for defining the technological challenge and the R&D centers are the main executors of the research activities.
In addition, the program contemplates two different modalities: Express projects, with fast execution (maximum duration of 6 months projects), and Exponential projects (with R&D&I activities that address complex problems with a variable execution period (from several months up to 2 years)). Pre-application for both modalities is open continuously from December 2022 and upon approval, the application phase will start. For Express projects the call will be open continuously, while for Exponential projects the call will remain open until May 22, 2023.

The projects will address new proposals and solutions in six key research areas for the agri-food industry: Promotion of the Agriculture and Livestock of the Future, Search for New Ingredients and Production Models, Development of New Food and Beverages for a Healthy Diet, and Implementation of the 4.0 Industry and Hyperconnected Processes.
According to Silvia García de la Torre, director of Eatex Food Innovation Hub, “The Program for the development of innovation and technology transfer is a unique opportunity for companies in the agri-food sector to solve their industrial challenges in an agile way, optimizing their resources and minimizing innovation risk.”
More information about Eatex Food Innovation Hub at www.eatexfoodinnovationhub.com

The conclusions of the third report on the Foodtech sector in Spain were presented at the ICEX Auditorium. In the framework of this event, some of the main players of the ecosystem have discussed the challenges and the internationalization strategy for this sector. The food technology sector is an essential link in the Spanish food industry.

An intense transformation of food is taking place as a result of the impact of new technologies and the foodtech ecosystem is set to play an essential role in this process in the coming years.

Thus, in a context of global contraction, investment in the foodtech sector in Spain in 2022 has increased by 9.38%, reaching 268 million euros, discounting the Glovo effect, as revealed in the report “Addressing new challenges across the food value chain” promoted by ICEX Spain Export and Investment.

But not only has it been able to attract major investment operations with national and international players, but there has also been a significant increase in the number of operators in the ecosystem: 412 startups, compared to 407 last year, more than 30,000 companies involved in food transformation, as well as more than 50 specialized universities and 20 cutting-edge technology centers involved.

These are just some of the conclusions drawn from the report on the Spanish Foodtech sector in 2022 presented, an essential link in the Spanish food industry.

This third report also points out that, in order to consolidate in the ecosystem, it is essential to have a high technological capacity and strength, which translates into patents, trade secrets and trademarks. Thus, 32.9% of the 412 Spanish startups have a patent for their technology and 29% have a trade secret, which indicates the robustness of Spanish companies in the sector.

Moreover, during 2022, the percentage of startups that have developed their own technology has further increased. In this area, there is a spectacular growth in the use of technologies, mainly startups that use artificial intelligence (AI), rising from 28.21% to 40.79%, gaining 12 points over the previous year.

It is worth highlighting the sector’s contribution in terms of circular economy, providing those technologies that allow the re-valorization of by-products, thus reducing waste and creating new uses ranging from packaging to ingredients.

ICEX CEO, María Peña, opened the event to present the report, highlighting that it is “a fundamental sector for attracting capital and investment in startups”. She stressed that “it has become a key of high added value in any strategy in favor of knowledge and expansion of our ecosystem of innovative and technological entrepreneurs” and also noted “the sector’s commitment to sustainability and making this attribute its flag”.

Likewise, María Peña emphasized that “there is no promotional strategy that is not based on knowledge”, and in this sense, “this report, within the framework of our alliance with Eatable Adventures, is undoubtedly a fundamental element of that knowledge”.

In closing his speech, Peña wanted to put on record that “if Spain will continue to be a Spain Food Nation, it will be so because it is also a Spain Foodtech Nation”.

To download the report, click here

Areas for Change Challenge

Areas challenges the international entrepreneurial community to find real solutions related to sustainability, gastronomy, and digitalization challenges within the industry of food & beverage and travel retail.


Areas, the global leader company that manages restaurants and convenience stores at airports, train stations, and motorway travel plazas and which operates in 10 countries, has launched Areas for Change Challenge, its first Startups Challenge, to identify specific and feasible solutions to respond their business and sectorial challenges within the industry of food & beverage and travel retail, especially in terms of sustainability and consumer experience. 

The company has launched this new initiative in the framework of its ESG strategy ‘Areas for Change’, which focuses on three main pillars: People, Planet and Future. With this program, and in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, one of the leading global Foodtech accelerators, Areas is looking for startups delivering real solutions to the following challenges:

  • People: healthier products for breakfast and grab & go moments on the move
  • Planet: solutions for managing the waste generated in the Areas’ restaurants
  • Future: digital or robotic solutions to improve efficiency

The selected startups will have the opportunity to work with a leading company in the sector and access its international network: a 3-month pilot program in Areas’ locations at a global level; product placement expertise in Areas’ most relevant points of sale; support in go-to-market strategies with Areas professional team, consumer insights analysis by Areas expertise; investment for your project to take off and a potential future agreement to become a supplier.

According to Oscar Vela, CEO at Areas, “Areas promotes this challenge to find solutions that will reinvent the sector of travel retail and will help to promote a greater environmental commitment and experience for the travelers. We look for solutions that respond to the great challenges that we will face in the travel retail industry in the next years”. 

In words of Itziar Ortega, Senior VP of Global Operations at Eatable Adventures “We are very excited to launch this new challenge with a leading innovation company with an international presence such as Areas. The selected startups will have the great opportunity to scale and expand their business by working with a global leader in the travel retail sector, having access to all its know-how, infrastructure and network of points of sale. Thanks to the commitment of partners like Areas, we continue to accelerate the industry’s transition to a much more sustainable and efficient model.”

Those startups that are Interested in taking the market to the next level can register here: https://areasforchange.com/challenge/

Let's Raise the Bar
  • A new platform to address the challenges in the food industry 

  • Alianza Team® is one of the leading innovation companies in Colombia, thanks to the development of 21 patent families and the confidence placed in global startup investments in the foodtech sector for 3M USD.

Alianza Team®, a Colombian-based corporate group, expert in lipids and fats and leader in the food sector, has announced the creation of a new Open Innovation Portal to foster collaboration between startups and industry, thus responding to the most important challenges of the sector, especially in the field of sustainability. This portal is aligned with the company’s aim of “nourishing a better tomorrow” through the development of innovative products and solutions to respond to new market and consumer needs. 

The new open innovation platform was created by Albora, with the support of Eatable Adventures, one of the three most important food technology accelerators in the world. Startups that collaborate with the platform could benefit from an investment plan, access to Alianza Team’s ® facilities that are equipped with the latest technologies, and its logistics network, as well as  the know-how of the company’s R&D team of professionals. 

This is a unique opportunity to develop their innovative ideas and reach the market quickly, from the hand of one of the leading companies in open innovation in the food and beverage sector in Colombia and one of the 10 most innovative companies in Colombia according to the ANDI (National Business Association of Colombia), the most representative economic guild in that country. Alianza Team® has obtained these recognitions thanks to the development of 21 families of patents and the trust placed in global startup investments in the foodtech sector for 3M USD.

Let’s Raise the Bar Challenge

The innovation platform will kick off with the Let’s Raise The Bar challenge. Its first challenge aims to find the most disruptive startups in the soap industry, in all sectors, to obtain a sustainable raw material that offers a good quality product for its consumers and whose production is friendly to the planet. 

Entrepreneurs who participate in this challenge could  be able to partner with Alianza Team® for the development of new soap lines for future projects, or have the company’s collaboration for the design and manufacture of a specific product, optimizing costs and scaling through access to the company’s technology. They could  also be able to potentially access other markets and obtain an investment plan.

“Innovation is part of the DNA of our company, being a value that we seek to promote in all areas internally and in the development of the value chain externally. Our commitment with our Open Innovation Portal is to promote an innovative ecosystem that leverages the growth of all the actors that are part of the chain,” said Maria Paula Rios, Vice President of Innovation and Digital Transformation of Alianza Team®.


In the words of Mila Valcárcel, Managing Partner of Eatable Adventures, “We are proud to launch this new innovation milestone with Alianza Team®, a leading company in the food industry and a pioneer in implementing innovative solutions to respond to and anticipate new market challenges. The collaboration between startups and industry offered by the open innovation model is key to develop and bring to market new products and proposals in a very fast and much more efficient way”

For more information visit: ​​www.albora.co/portal

Webinar ICEX


25/10/2022. Online 

Free entry, registration required. 

9:00AM CET

18:00PM  CET


ICEX Spain Trade & Investment is hosting a webinar on “New ingredients: shaping the future of food from Spain” featuring five Spanish startups, and one of the leading technological centers, that are disrupting the food industry by using the most innovative technologies to create the foods of the future, in the most sustainable way.


Today, technology in the food industry is an essential part of food production processes. As food is becoming more wellness-oriented, consumers are increasingly opting for foods and beverages that, in addition to providing satisfaction and pleasure in eating, also offer health functions or benefits. To meet this demand, entrepreneurs and large industries are in the need of innovating and producing certain functional foods, and in some cases introducing new ingredients to the market which have specific health attributes through new technologies such as cellular agriculture, fermentation and artificial intelligence.

This initiative aims to strengthen the network of the Spanish foodtech industry, to showcase it to the world, and highlight success stories and interesting projects from other countries to enhance collaboration.


Where Via online
When To ensure that you do not miss this chance to learn more about the Spanish food tech ecosystem, we are offering you two time slots at 9AM and 6PM CET.

9.00AM CET Webinar #1: Shaping the future of food from Spain

18.00PM CET Webinar #2: Shaping the future of food from Spain

Registration Registration is completely free. Please register at the following link:

9.00 AM CET: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_6LQmKDQjQiSOS-abCzoKog

18.00PM CET: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-PexbwSjTiGcQN6paT8l_A


Bread Free

Daniel Gomez Bravo, CEO – Bread Free  

Bread Free:  Bread free is a startup formed by young entrepreneurs who, through an innovative process, have managed to process cereals with gluten to separate this component from the rest of the food so that it can be consumed by people with celiac disease. 

Bio:  Daniel Gómez-Bravo is the CEO and technology developer of BREAD FREE S.L. He is a graduate in Biotechnology, Master in Health Information Engineering, and has experience in Research Centers such as the Center for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics. Daniel is fully involved in the use of Biotechnology to solve a real problem in the market, and a primary need of the gluten-free population. He has an economic, business and legal background backed by his training at the European Business and Innovation Center of Navarra (CEIN). With international prospection, he seeks to direct the company’s technology towards foreign markets, and thus be able to help as many people as possible.


The Good Cubes

Manuel Diez de Oñate De Toro, CEO – The Good Cubes (Origin Algae

Origin Algae: With the help of technology, Origin Algae provide the means and resources necessary to start producing spirulina, or to optimize your crops in an intelligent way.

Bio: Manuel graduated in industrial engineering at the University of Seville, where he began his career in the algae sector working in a spin-off of the university where he studied processes to make the production of algae more efficient in a sustainable way. After working for this company and for the Air Force as an intern in the Quality Department, he decided to take the leap to Sweden to study a master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship. At the end of this process, Manuel had already begun to undertake projects in real estate and music, but it was from the end of 2021 when he decided to undertake his current project focused on food based on algae for human consumption, Origin Algae (The Good Cubes).


Miguel Ángel Cubero Márquez, CEO – Ingredalia 

Ingredalia develops and produce natural functional ingredients from plant by-products of agri-food companies for use in the food, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pet industries. With sustainability and circular economy as the cornerstones of our activity, Ingredalia obtain, natural functional ingredients, extracts, and healthy additives. 

Bio: He has developed his professional career as a technician, advancing from the position of laboratory manager to R&D Director at Indulleida for more than 10 years. He has been part of the Technical Management and held other management positions in other companies, such as aroma companies and other food industries; he has also been working as an associate professor at the University of Lleida, as well as visiting professor from 2008 to the present. He has developed and led various R&D projects, directing the creation of new lines and following the industrial development of the companies in which he has worked. Therefore, he has extensive experience in moving from an R&D project to an industrial reality. He has been the full-time General Director of the company since February 2020, assuming full responsibility for the fulfillment of the business plan. 


Roselyne Chane, Director – Sanygran 

Sanygran produce extruded food based on legumes and cereals, highlighting their nutritional and environmental benefits. Their vegetable protein has now become the basis of all our products due to its protein content, source of fiber, low level of saturated fats, as well as being gluten and lactose-free and manufactured in Spain. All this, without forgetting the positive impact it has on our health and that of the environment, by using less water resources than animal protein and reducing greenhouse gases from livestock farming, while promoting biodiversity and animal subsistence.

Bio: With +18 years of managing experience In Sales, Marketing, Innovation and Business development in the Food industry, Roselyne is now the Managing Director of Alimentos Sanygran, a Spanish Vegtech company specialized in plant-based foods and ingredients.

She believes in spending her time, energy and money in projects that impact positively on the planet and its people and this is why she also invests in foodtech, biotech and renewable energy companies.


Adriana Casillas, CEO – TEBRIO 

Tebrio: Spanish biotechnology company that is building an 80.000 square meter insect farm – the largest of its kind in the world, which, in line with our pilot operations, will breed and transform mealworms into 3 main co-products: (i) amino rich, sustainable premium protein for petfood, fishmeal and animal feed, (ii) tech powered biofertilizer for plant nutrition and (iii) chitosan for biodegradable plastic manufacturing. 

Bio: Adriana Casillas is CEO and Co-Funder of Tebrio. During her professional life, she has developed successfully different technological projects both in USA and Spain, related to industries such as art or food. She is also actively involved in interactions with the European Commission, EFSA and other European stakeholders for the development of the insect industry in Europe through her position as President of IPIFF, the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed, based in Brussels. Adriana  holds a Bachelor’s degree in classical and contemporary music, MBA and Executive Master in Agri-Food Business Management from ESMUC, Johns Hopkins University and the IME Business School of the University of Salamanca, respectively.


Carolina Najar, Food Market Director – AZTI

Azti conducts strategic and applied research in an international context, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to its clients. AZTI’s mission is to transform science into sustainable and healthy development for present and future societies.

Bio Entrepreneur and business woman specialized in food industry and gastronomy of the national, European, and latinoamerican markets. She has experience in the GMCP (Gross Market Consumption Products) sector, where she has held different positions within the management team in the commercial and marketing areas. Foodtech investor. Teacher at Cámarabilbao University Business School. Founder of Baiba, a consultancy specialized in food, mentor al EIT Food and other incubation and acceleration programs. Since 2021 she is the director of food market at the technological center AZTI. 



FONDO EUROPEO DE DESARROLLO REGIONAL (FEDER).                                      A way of making Europe
This service/activity is eligible for co-financing from Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER)


Patricia Fernández de Arroyabe
  • Foodtech accelerator opened a new office in Barcelona under the leadership of Patricia Fernández de Arroyabe, appointed VP of Corporate & Government Partnerships.

  • The company that already operates in Catalonia with open innovation and government initiatives programs will promote the growth of the local Foodtech ecosystem from Barcelona.

Eatable Adventures, one of the three most important food technology accelerators in the world, expands its management team and opens a new office in Barcelona in response to its expansion in the national and international agrifood market. This decision is part of the company’s growth strategy whose objective is to lead the transformation of the food system towards a model way more efficient and sustainable through the collaboration of governments, corporations, and startups. 

Catalonia is a strategic pole for the food industry where the company has already established synergies with local food companies and institutions to select and scale the most disruptive startups that drive innovation through the entire food value chain. To do this, the company has chosen Barcelona to open the new office. Thanks to this expansion Eatable Adventures has appointed Patricia Fernández de Arroyabe as VP of Corporate & Government Partnerships. 

Fernández de Arroyabe, who will carry out her functions from the new office in Barcelona is an expert in the agri-food value chain and a specialist in food service, and delivery, mainly. With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, before joining the Foodtech accelerator she held positions of responsibility in Alimentaria Exhibitions, Comess Group, ITW, and AECOC. Moreover, she is the Director of the Master in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Gastronomic Management of the BHC and a member of the Advisory Board del European Foodservice Summit.

Patricia Fernández de Arroyabe will have a strategic role in the national and international expansion of the company, promoting collaboration with corporations and governments to boost innovation in the agri-food sector. As she explained  “Passion for innovation in the agri-food sector has led me to embark on this new thrilling project. Our challenge is to add every day more food companies and entrepreneurs to the wave of food tech to build the food system of tomorrow ”.

« The agri-food industry is, with no doubt, one of the economical engines of Catalonia. Given the current challenges is necessary to join forces from all agents of the ecosystem not only to strengthen the strategic position of this economy on the world map but also to catch foreign investment in this sector and that this contributes even more to Catalonia’s economy as it’s already happening in other places around the world» commented Fernández de Arroyabe.

With a team of professionals that has doubled its size and turnover in the last two years and the opening of new offices in Spain and other markets, Eatable Adventures continues to consolidate its expansion and leadership in the application of innovation models in the agri-food sector.  The accelerator already counts on a solid food tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and ever since its foundation in 2015 has collaborated with more than 30 corporations on 4 continents supporting its growth and international expansion thanks to the implementation of new business innovation models. 


The impact of room service on hotels is a management problem since it affects the flow of food and beverage services in hotels that offer room service as well as the burden it places on staff and hotels that do not have kitchen facilities.

Le Room Service aims to improve the hotel offer and increase sales by making room service itself more attractive, adding value to the hotel sector. You’ll discover their secrets and learn about their experience in the Eatable Adventures Acceleration Program as you read on.


  1. How do you manage to add value to the hotel sector from Le Room Service? What are the services you offer?


Le Room Service is a company specialized in outsourcing the F&B service of hotel rooms, apart-hotels and tourist apartments.

We were born in 2017 with the aim of revolutionizing the hospitality sector by offering the cost-effective alternative to room service through operational innovation and specialization in gastronomic trends. As of today, we operate with more than 300 Hotel establishments among which stand out groups such as Meliá, NH, Vincci, Iberoestar, Turim or Barceló in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon.

We focus on bringing value to the hotel sector in 5 aspects: improved profitability, new customer experience, disruptive concept, standardization of processes and increased valuation, allowing hotels to focus on their core business.


  1. Why did you decide to join EA’s Acceleration Program?


At that time we were in a very early stage of the project, but we already had the first positive results that validated the viability of the business model.

We saw Eatable Adventures as a great opportunity to introduce my company to the startup ecosystem and exponentially accelerate its growth. Additionally, being able to rely on corporate mentors from Grupo Meliá and Banco Sabadell increased the chances of success.


  1. How has Eatable Adventures helped you achieve your goals?


Eatable Adventures helped us in different ways to professionalize our project.

Firstly, we had an initial mentoring phase where we drew up a medium-term plan, set goals and followed up on them. As part of this plan, Le Room Service aimed to obtain an investment round for national expansion, which later culminated in the opening of its second location (after Seville), Madrid.

Secondly, Eatable Adventures opened doors for us through its network of contacts. With partners like Meliá as well as with investment funds and angel investors. Thanks to all this, we got our first round of investment at the end of the program.


  1. What is the most valuable advice José Luis has given you during our Acceleration Program?


First of all, we would like to thank José Luis for his involvement and trust in the Le Room Service project. He has always followed our evolution very closely, offering, from his experience, the impulse and stimulus that the startup required in each phase.

More than a specific advice, we keep his mentality to think big, eliminating the barriers that we could have and transmitting the limitless scalability that our project has.


  1. How do you see Le Room Service in the medium/long term?


At the moment we are immersed and focused on our international expansion, we have just opened in Lisbon and we are working on future openings in Berlin and Paris. We have outlined an ambitious expansion plan and, in the next 3 years we want to be offering our services in the main European capitals.

In addition, we are also growing horizontally in services; we no longer only offer Room Service, but we are now a more comprehensive solution for Food & Beverage departments. We have the possibility to complete the hotel’s offer with breakfast, events or lobby services.

We are also rebranding to adapt to the new positioning that the business requires at this stage. Using our new exclusive packaging, we can operate without barriers in 5-star hotels and raise the brand’s perception.

There are many changes happening right now, and we are determined to successfully navigate them. Among other things, we owe our success to the experience and know-how acquired over the years and to the invaluable support provided by Eatable Adventures.

Get to know more of our Alumni here.