Building Tomorrow’s Food System

Fostering Innovation through Partnership

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the catalyst for change in the global food ecosystem. We are the bridge connecting innovation with opportunity, where every partnership is a step towards a more sustainable, and nourishing tomorrow.

Join us in our quest to reshape the world of food, one partnership at a time.

Our Values

With a vision fueled by passion and expertise, we are fully dedicated to our purpose of Building Tomorrow’s Food System, striving to impact lives and drive an efficient and sustainable transition. Our essence is deeply rooted in:


Commitment to impact

We take our mission to make a difference very seriously. This is why we are actively involved in the entire process of developing and implementing new technologies that solve the most pressing issues of the food system.

Accompanying and guiding startups, corporations, and governments every step of the way to make sure this transition succeeds and reflects in tangible and measurable results. Our commitment is shown in what we do, but above all, in how we do it.


Consistency with our vision

We are consistent in the way we work, remaining true to our purpose at all times. Our vision and our way of doing things are reflected in all our actions.

Our objectives must be aligned with those of all our stakeholders, this is the only way we can guarantee that our joint efforts translate into change.


Passion for what we do

Passion is the core of what we do. We are driven by a common goal to aim a real impact on the future and on people’s lives. We are grateful to have the ability to contribute with our experience and knowledge to make a difference.

We enjoy embarking on new adventures together with our clients and partners which is why we put all our enthusiasm into achieving the greatest possible impact with our actions.


Closeness to people

We believe it’s only possible to make a difference through close collaboration with all our stakeholders and being involved in the day-to-day project management. We like to work as a team, and from the beginning we strive to build relationships of trust and closeness.

It is important for us to listen to people and teams in order to better understand their needs and be part of the solution to their professional and business challenges.


Integrity to build trust

As individuals and as a company we believe in doing things right by being true to our beliefs. In order to build a framework of trust and mutual respect we promote honesty and loyalty and expect the same among everyone we work with and for.


Excellence in decision making

Considering the environment in which we operate, it is essential to seek the most effective solutions and the cutting edge technologies that can have an impact on the sector. We rely on our expert judgment, qualified team, and quality of our processes.

Additionally, we also believe data is fundamental to make the right decisions ensuring that collaborations between startups, industry, and governments succeed.


Nothing excites our founders as much as the combination of food and innovation. Their passion has driven their decades of experience and formal training in business, marketing, communications, technology and gastronomy, pushing them to be pivotal players in the evolution of the F&B industry.

José Luis Cabañero
Founder and CEO

Cabañero has more than 35 years of experience in the development of emerging technologies in the Software and Telecommunications sectors. Since 2015, through Eatable Adventures, he has been working on the sustainable transition of the Food and Beverage segment by incorporating new technologies and business models throughout the agri-food value chain. 

Previously, he built his professional career in the field of innovation and new technologies at global industry-leading companies in the high-tech sector, overseeing units focused on new market development and emerging technologies in EMEA and Latam.

Degree in Computer Science from the University of Extremadura, General Management Programme, Management Programme at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Diplôme de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu, Diplôme Universitaire DUGGAT from Univ. Reims Champagne- Ardenes.

Mila Valcárcel
Managing Partner

Passionate about innovation and the potential impact that technology can have on the food system, she founded Eatable Adventures 7 years ago, building a robust global ecosystem of entrepreneurship in agrifoodtech and supporting innovation in the sector with operations on four continents.

Mila Válcarcel leads the open innovation division within Eatable Adventures, with over 40 ongoing programs for clients such as Sigma Alimentos, Pascual, Mahou San Miguel, Alianza Team, Europastry, among many others.

She holds a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid and furthered her education with a General Management Program from IESE Business School. With over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of innovation, market development, open innovation, and corporate venturing in the food sector.

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