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Governments Services

In a world where sustainable and resilient food systems are crucial, governments and public institutions play a pivotal role. The health of our citizens, the vitality of our economies, and the sustainability of our planet are intricately tied to the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. At Eatable Adventures, we recognize this responsibility and opportunity that governments and public institutions hold in shaping the future of food systems.

We specialize in forging alliances between governments and the most innovative players in the agrifood sector to drive change, promote sustainability, and foster innovation. Together, we can create lasting change that benefits communities, economies, and the planet. Explore our government-focused initiatives and discover how we can work together to nourish our nations and foster progress.

Strategic Roadmaps

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive services designed to understand the evolving landscape of agri-food. With a customized approach, we dive deep into market trends and technical advancements, anticipating their impact on the future of the food system and your sector. Ready to infuse your company with the innovative vision that will lead it into the future?

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hubs

Unleash the potential of our powerful innovation tools to conquer your innovation challenges. We open our global innovation ecosystem to companies and guide them in selecting the most appropriate tools and collaborating models to create successful partnerships with external agents. By mitigating a substantial portion of innovation risk, we ensure remarkable results.

Accelerators and Co-investment

We collaborate with governments to develop regional or national investment vehicles, leveraging government funds to attract private investment. This shared-risk model makes innovation accessible, drives economic growth, supports agrifoodtech early stage startups, and expands agrifood sector potential. Our regional and national accelerators serve as launchpads for startups.

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