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Eatable Adventures serves as a melting pot of ideas, expertise, and resources. By bringing together startups, corporations, governments, and investors, we have developed a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and co-creation. Through workshops, networking events, and thought leadership initiatives, we inspire cross-pollination of ideas and pave the way for groundbreaking innovations that address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Collaborative Opportunities: Connect, collaborate, and co-create with like-minded innovators, tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Amplified Visibility: stepping onto a global stage. Your ideas and innovations will gain the visibility they deserve, attracting potential partners, investors, and customers.

Access to Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of resources, from market insights to funding opportunities, mentorship, and more.

Eatable Adventures Ecosystem: Connecting Innovators Worldwide

Our ecosystem is a testament to the power of collaboration. Comprising a diverse array of actors, we link innovators across the globe, facilitating connections that accelerate change in the agrifood sector.

Our network extends far and wide, encompassing:

A Global Community: Our platform, FoodEntrepreneurs, connects over 25,000 founders and entrepreneurs worldwide. It’s a space where ideas are exchanged, collaborations spark, and innovation finds its roots.

In-depth Sector Insights: We offer comprehensive sector-specific and regional studies, providing invaluable insights into the ever-changing agrofood innovation landscape.

Direct Connections: Access to over 200 prominent actors in the food tech industry, from established corporations, events, accelerators to pioneering research centers.

World-Class Mentors and Experts: Our network boasts an impressive lineup of mentors and experts from around the globe, ready to provide guidance and support to propel your innovation journey.

Main Alliances

It takes a village to build a successful company. We bring fledgling companies together with the resources that they need to do their best, including: