Nurting the future of food system

Amplify impact, empower visionary startups, and propel sustainable development.

Europe Foodtech Acceleration Fund I SCSp

In an era where climate challenges loom large and the need for resilience is undeniable, Eatable Adventures is leading the development of emerging technology based companies that are poised to help the agri-food market meet the many challenges the sector faces. From reduced dependency on petrochemicals, water management, and scaled food production to sustainable logistics, our startups are one by one tackling these challenges with ingenuity and deep-tech expertise.

Each year, our Startup Programs support hundreds of entrepreneurs in their quest to get their innovations to the next level. We invest in high potential ventures led by exceptional founders, supporting them in their process to become market leaders.

True Impact

You can help address the most pressing issues in the food system now, providing a growth platform for enthusiastic entrepreneurs building high potential businesses that will help alleviate food insecurity, fix population in rural areas and reduce the overall carbon impact of the food system.

Embrace the chance to make a tangible difference, both environmentally and economically, by investing in the future of agrifood-tech with Eatable Adventures. Join us in this journey of meaningful change where your investment has the power to reshape the world’s food landscape.

Our portfolio

Hard work pays off. The success of our alumni from Eatable Adventures startups programs such as Spain Foodtech and FoodSeed speaks for itself.

Invest with us

We offer low volatility and excelling return investment opportunities through startups at different stages of development, extensive geographical distribution, and exposure to the most relevant Agri-food thematic areas.

Europe Foodtech Acceleration Fund I SCSp

We strategically invests with predefined terms in the startups that take part in our leading acceleration programs; where they develop adjusting to actual market needs and achieving product market fit, maximising return and reducing risks.

Co-invest with us

Our graduated companies also offer compelling investment opportunities through Direct Investment and SPVs through financing the multiple rounds they raise.

Investment Partners

We build strategic partnerships with institutional investors, collaborating closely to ensure the seamless and successful development of the startups within our portfolio across all stages of growth.

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