Biome Makers, an interview with co-founder and CEO Adrián Ferrero

biome makers

We know that behind every startup there is a mission to accomplish. We would like to know more about what’s behind Biome Makers.

We began the conversation with a brief explanation by Ferrero about what Biome Makers is and its milestones. Then we spoke about some of the main challenges the startup faced when being developed and how they overcame them, thanks to an ecosystem that supported them. We also discussed the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain, the advantages and barriers that currently exist in this ecosystem and what opportunities could arise for its development and growth. 

When asked what Agri Food Tech means to him, Adrián states that although it being a very broad term, he could define it as “innovation through the application of technology and science to all segments of the agri-food value chain. 

We closed the interview with his thoughts on the development of the Agri Food Tech sector will impact the food industry in Spain and what fundamental investments will be needed to make it happen. 

Read the full interview in Spanish here: