Pascual launches its new Corporate Venturing Unit: Pascual Innoventures

pascual innoventures

The Pascual family created and launched today Pascual Innoventures, a different model of Corporate Venture Capital that aims to identify and develop new businesses that will give a better future to food. It’s an independent society from the company Pascual that looks to find new external opportunities, while maintaining the same value of ‘giving our best’ when looking for startups that are innovating the food tech sector.

Pascual Innoventures is based on 4 pillars: Explore, Invent, Invest and Accelerate.

What sets them apart is the addition of inventing and investing, since most investment programs are purely financial in the agrifood industry. Innoventures’ mission is to help startups in early stages to develop and grow, becoming an accelerator partner that will accompany the process from development to conception to the search for new investors.

This means that the selected startups to participate in the program will have a shared purpose and philosophy with the company, and will operate in all the territories where Pascual is present. Whether it is sustainability, circular economy, animal welfare, or health, it’s the similar values that will allow the creation of the future Pascual companies. 

The ‘Invent’ side of it is the development of tools and necessary processes to create their startups through their own financing, society, talent and way of working.

Who is behind Pascual Innoventures

The ones behind this program are Gabriel Torres Pascual, third generation of the Pascual family and director of Pascual Innova; and Sejal Ravji, a biochemical engineer from University College of London and doctor in rheology, director of Pascual Innoventures. Both have impressive international backgrounds and have gained extensive work experience in different fields before joining this adventure.

Having grown up in the Pascual family, Gabriel Torres affirms that entrepreneurship and innovation are part of his genes passed on from his grandfather – also to not conform to the rules, dream big and take risks. With this making up his DNA and that of Pascual Innoventures’, they are looking towards the big picture and long-term to shape the future of food with innovative startups.

Innoventures and Venvitotech

Innoventures has recently closed a 5-year contract with Venvirotech, a startup in biotechnology that transforms organic residue in bioplastics through bacteria. Together, they will develop a project called “Magic Water” to transform untreated water generated by the company into biodegradable material – achieving a circular economy.

In addition to Venvirotech, Pascual Innoventures is working with several other strategic projects that will bring solutions to some of the most important challenges in the agrifood sector, such as food security, health & wellness and circular economy.

Eatable Adventures looks forward to accompanying closely the growth of Pascual Innoventures and witnessing all the progress they will achieve in the foodtech world.