Desafía UK Program Launch at Food 4 Future Bilbao 2024!

The Desafía program stands out as a gateway to internationalization for Spanish startups, offering the opportunity to explore new markets and establish valuable connections in the FoodTech ecosystem.

Recently, the startups selected for Desafía UK 2024 participated in the Foodtech event Food 4 Future on April 16, marking the Desafía UK launch at Food4Future Bilbao 2024.

During the event, the startups immersed themselves in activities designed by Eatable Adventures and supported by ICEX, to prepare them for their entry into the UK market, establishing connections, participating in networking sessions, and honing pitch skills with various stakeholders.

Startup expectations include gaining in-depth knowledge of the UK market, understanding innovation models and available support tools, as well as establishing collaborations with corporations, research centers, and other key players.

After this initial phase, the startups are gearing up for immersion in the British market in June, guided by Eatable Adventures, the leading force behind the Desafia program. During this immersion, they will have the opportunity to interact with key players in the country’s foodtech ecosystem, including universities, research centers, startups, corporations, and retailers.

Meet the startups selected for Desafía UK 2024:

Bio2Coat provides natural edible films and coatings made from raw materials derived directly from food sources, offering solutions for both food packaging and edible coatings.

Bio2coat Startup

Cocoon Bioscience, based in the Technology Park of Vizcaya in Derio, was established in September 2022 with the goal of providing high-quality protein production solutions.

Cocoon startup Desafía UK Launch

Ingredalia focuses on developing and manufacturing natural functional ingredients sourced from vegetable by-products generated by agri-food companies. Their innovative products find applications across various industries including food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pet care.

Ingredalia startup Desafía UK Launch

Isauki specializes in creating plant-based alternatives to seafood products, using a variety of vegetables such as legumes, cereals, and algae.

ISAUKI startup Desafía UK Launch

Levprot Bioscience specializes in recombinant protein synthesis through precision fermentation in yeast cells. Founded in September 2020, it develops products and technology for food, biopharmaceutical, and IVD fields.

Levprot startup Desafía UK Launch

LOV Ferments specializes in artisanal fermented foods including kombucha, premium guarapo, vermouth, sake, and hammurabi, crafted with high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques.

LOV Ferments startup Desafía UK Launch

Mmmico is dedicated to making the food industry safer and more eco-friendly by offering sustainable alternatives to ingredients like food colorants and preservatives.

Mmmico startup

MIWI was founded to meet the demand from consumers seeking healthy alternatives to traditional soft drinks, offering organic and natural options without artificial additives.

MIWI Startup Desafía UK Launch

Poseidona utilizes algae-derived products production waste and invasive algae biomass to create proteins for various food applications, contributing to ocean restoration efforts and advocating for environmental protection.

Poseidona startup

Relash offers organic “good soda” with low calories, made with organic ingredients and antioxidants, and will soon introduce the Relash Energy range as a healthy alternative to energy drinks.

Relash startup Desafía UK LaunchThis marks the Desafia UK Launch at Food4Future Bilbao 2024, showcasing the program’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the foodtech industry.