Eatable Adventures takes the stage as panelist at Future Food-Tech alongside the most innovative Foodtech startups

Startups, investors, corporations, and prominent figures in the Foodtech sector worldwide will converge at this must-attend event, uniting over 1700 leaders from the global food industry.

Eatable Adventures will enjoy the event, as Innovation Partner, alongside four outstanding startups:

COCUUS: They develop industrial solutions to produce animal, plant, or cellular protein analogues (mimetic food) using 2D/3D laser printing, bioprinting, and mechatronics.

Ekonoke: They combine the latest scientific knowledge in indoor farming with new technologies (IoT, automation, and robotics) to ensure climate-resilient hops farming.

MAOLAC: Decoding Nature’s AI-based Proteomics Discovery Platform identifies and enriches specific groups of functional proteins that carry a high bio-similarity to functional proteins found in human breast milk.

mmmico eats: Their technology is making it possible to produce ingredients with high added value, such as carotenoids, without depending on petroleum-based compounds or agriculture.

Additionally, José Luis Cabañero, CEO of Eatable Adventures, will host an Innovation Session on “Strengthening Cross-Collaboration to Elevate Alt-Dairy Innovation”, alongside visionary founders in the Alt-Dairy sector such as Alejandro Barbarini, CEO and Co-Founder of ERGO; Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin, CEO & Co-Founder of MAOLAC; Amos Palfreyman, Co-Founder and CEO of MIRUKU; and Alix Chausson, Head of Business Development at NOSH.BIO.

The session will address key topics in the Alt-dairy sector and unveil the initial results of Eatable Adventures’ first study conducted in this field.

Connect with the Eatable Adventures team and its ecosystem of entrepreneurs in San Francisco: