Heura, an interview with co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma

marc coloma

We know that behind every startup there is a mission to accomplish. We would like to know more about what’s behind Heura Foods.

In an interview with Marc Coloma, we began the conversation with where Heura came from and its biggest milestones achieved so far, most of it he attributed to the amazing community they built through social media. We then proceeded to talk about the challenges Heura faced and how they overcame them; the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain, opportunities that could arise and what has changed in the past years. 

When asked what Agri Food Tech means to him, Coloma defines it as “The industry that solves the challenges that the current food system faces through technology.” 

We closed the interview with his thoughts on the development of the Agri Food Tech sector will impact the food industry in Spain and what fundamental investments will be needed to make it happen. 

Read the full interview in Spanish here: https://www.eatableadventures.com/heura-marc-coloma-entrevista/?lang=es