Italia del Gusto is the first private consortium of companies operating in the Italian food and wine sector, whose members are selected for the quality of their products and the importance of their brands. Founded in 2006, the Consortium’s mission is to help member companies improve their competitive position in international markets, strengthening their image as producers of high-quality food products. To date, it includes thirty leading companies in their respective market segments.

Innovation Accademy by Eatable Adventures

Promoting a culture of innovation within a company is strategic for establishing the foundations of the transformation process and the adoption of new tools and processes aimed at promoting competitiveness and business excellence.

For this reason, the Consortium establishes a partnership with Eatable Adventures to create a high-level Innovation Academy aimed at executives and professionals in charge of the innovation and investment area of the companies.

Two seminars and a workshop were held, focusing on the challenges and trends in the agri-food sector, the most significant technological developments, the value of open innovation, and how to transfer the startup model to companies in the sector.

“Eatable Adventures specifically designed a three-day Innovation Academy for Italia del Gusto, which saw a wide and active participation of the consortium’s companies. We had the opportunity to appreciate their availability, expertise, and professionalism.” – Alberto Volpe Director at Italia del Gusto


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