Alianza Team®, is a Colombian-origin company expert in lipids and fats and a leader in the food sector. With an operational presence in Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, the company develops high-tech food solutions. In 2019 it launched its albora® venture capital with the purpose of accelerating the capture of knowledge and allowing the organization to generate greater value for its business units and interest groups, through collaboration with startups and research centers.

Open Innovation Portal: Let’s Raise The Bar

The open innovation portal kicked off with the Let’s Raise The Bar challenge. It was the first challenge launched, to find the most disruptive startups in the soap industry, in all sectors, to obtain a sustainable raw material that offers a good quality product for its consumers and whose production is friendly to the planet. Entrepreneurs who participated in this challenge were able to partner with Alianza Team® for the development of new soap lines for future projects, or have the company’s collaboration for the design and manufacture of a specific product, optimizing costs and scaling through access to the company’s technology. They were also able to access other markets and obtain an investment plan.



The results

In 2020, Alianza Team® started collaborating with Eatable Adventures on open innovation projects such as the first “Hack the Food System” scout focused on finding the most disruptive startups in the lipid ecosystem. Since then, the company has continued to bet on promoting open innovation by Scouting and Challenge projects to efficiently and quickly solve the challenges of the sector.


“Innovation is part of the DNA of our company, being a pillar that we look to promote throughout the entire value chain. Our commitment to the Open Innovation Portal is to promote an innovative ecosystem that leverages the growth of all the actors that are part of it”.- Maria Paula Rios, Alianza Team VP of Innovation and digital transformation



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