Eatable Adventures recognized in the Financial Times’ ranking of Europe’s Leading Start-up Hubs 2024

Spain ranks third in the FT/Statista/Sifted ranking of countries with the most hubs, following the UK in first place and Germany in second.

The Financial Times, in partnership with Statista, as its research collaborator, and Sifted, has unveiled the first edition of Europe’s foremost ranking of incubators and accelerators, encompassing 125 centers across 21 countries. This ranking shines a spotlight on Europe’s dynamic ecosystem, where emerging markets are leaving an indelible mark with disruptive projects spanning various domains. A new frontier of opportunities is unfolding in Europe, transcending Silicon Valley, beckoning investors, corporations, and governments to propel innovation across diverse market segments to unprecedented heights.

As noted by FT/Statista/Sifted, “what has emerged in Europe, at least, is a far more diffuse and diverse tech ecosystem, supported by a scattered network of incubators and accelerators across the region.”

In terms of market performance, Spain celebrates a significant achievement, securing the third spot in this prestigious ranking with a total of 15 hubs. Leading the pack is the UK with 24 hubs, closely trailed by Germany in second place boasting 16 hubs.

Eatable Adventures has risen as a prominent hub fostering the next wave of agri-foodtech startups, meticulously selected from thousands of candidates continent-wide. This recognition serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the global food system through innovation. Eatable Adventures is consolidating its position as a leading international player in Foodtech, offering support to startups, corporations, and governments across four continents, and operational bases in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and soon in Colombia.

The involvement of Eatable Adventures’ alumni and mentors in the ranking process was instrumental in achieving this recognition, underscoring the strength and influence of Eatable Adventures ecosystem. Many of the startups in Eatable Adventures’ portfolio are international leaders in their respective segments, with disruptive technologies that span the entire agri-food value chain, effectively addressing the most pressing challenges in the food sector.

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Each hub was rated by its own alumni, 2,600 in all, in six categories: mentoring and training development; infrastructure; legal assistance; business development; networking; and funding. Independent experts, including angel investors, VCs, entrepreneurs and academics, also added their evaluations. And additional scores were awarded, according to the most successful start-ups to have emerged from each hub.