Webinar: The Spanish FoodTech sector “Status and opportunities for its 2021 internationalization”

Last Friday 29th of January ICEX started their webinar series off with a bang, with their latest virtual offering; “The Spanish foodtech sector – situation and opportunities for its 2021 internationalization” in which we had the pleasure to attend.

The virtual event was organized by ICEX Spain Export and Investments not only to present their annual foodtech report ,the first ever analysis of the country’s food ecosystem and highlighting the current state of the industry as well as new challenges facing it today, but also to look at the different tools that the Spanish agency can offer to companies to power their 2021 internationalization, promoting dialogue between various agri-food tech protagonists, accelerators and foodtech companies with the joint mission to drive innovative force and competitive advantage to position the country as an international reference in the sector.

The agreed consensus during the webinar elevated Spain as an emerging and solid Agrifood-tech powerhouse. As a world leader in agri-food production and boasting a solid gastronomic background the country has managed to combine the works and research of a number of different national food vehicles in order to propel new food innovations over the last few years, in turn enabling new emerging startups and the application of the highest form of cutting-edge technology.

In order to retain worldwide prestige the development and application of new, cutting-edge technologies to provide added efficiency, value and sustainability to the food value chain, and to arouse the interest of investors, is necessary, and not only at national level. Spain´s food system continues to not only embrace innovation and increase resilient food production, but to further the amalgamation of research centres, innovative startups, established companies, universities and of course, investment vehicles, to offer itself a clear cut vision for the future and its realization as the next foodtech nation, worldwide.

A number of important decision makers and industry experts joined the webinar, who all offered their opinions and insights into the keys behind investing in Spanish foodtech worldwide as well as the importance of promoting Spanish foodtech as a whole and its players and developments.

Present was Alberto Sanz, financing and investor relations director from Invest in Spain. As an expert in both national and international investment, he offered his insights into the importance of promoting national programs that help group ecosystems at sectoral level and to facilitate the overall contact that Spanish agents have with international investors. He also touched upon the services the country offers to foreign investors who wish to establish their business in Spain to help champion the reputation of the country as the foodtech nation to invest in. 

Maria Naranjo, director of Food, Wine and Gastronomy also joined us from ICEX itself, ready to introduce us to the new FoodTech portal from Food and Wine Spain asserting that it was a fundamental move in the sector´s international visibility. Also present from ICEX was Jorge Alvar, director of infrastructure, health and ICT who looked at a number of innovation and accompaniment programs to help the sector’s overall international growth.

Want to know more? You can download the exclusive report “Foodtech in Spain: fueling a more sustainable and efficient Food System” here and stay tuned for more important takeaways from ICEX´s webinar soon.



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