The future of alternative protein: consumer acceptance and technological advances

In collaboration with CNTA, we bring you closer to the impacts that the ‘new wave’ of protein can generate in agri-food companies. The virtual event New Food Conference took place April 28 – 29 outlined some of the most important challenges that the food industry must address for the development of new protein sources and […]

ICEX creates the certificate “Restaurants of Spain” in order to guarantee the authenticity of Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is a central axis in the promotion of Spanish food and wine. Within this framework, ICEX has developed the “Restaurants from Spain” certification program that provides a quality distinction for out of Spain establishments to offer authentic cuisine from this country.  This international certificate has been conferred applying the principles of objectivity, verification, […]

Interview with Iñigo Charola, CEO of BioTech Foods

We know that behind every startup there is a mission to accomplish and we would like to know a little more about what is behind BioTech Foods. Recently we interviewed the CEO of BioTech Foods, Iñigo Charola, to get to know the brand better and talk about their achievements, accomplishments and also challenges they encountered […]

Pascual Innoventures launches Mylkcubator in partnership with Eatable Adventures

Pascual Innoventures renews its collaboration with Eatable Adventures for the launch of Mylkcubator, the first global incubation program for technological advances in the fields of cell cultures and fermentation techniques for the dairy industry. Mylkcubator is the first international incubator focused on the detection and development of highly innovative startups specialized in the application of […]

Interview with Sebastián Hernandez Dugand, Chairman & CEO of Superfüds

We recently interviewed Dugand, Chairman and CEO of Superfüds, a company that is solving distribution for emerging brands in Latin America while helping mom & pop stores to earn more money. Sebastián explained where Superfüds came from, he talked about their products, the values they hold when choosing products for the store and how they […]

Pascual launches its new Corporate Venturing Unit: Pascual Innoventures

The Pascual family created and launched today Pascual Innoventures, a different model of Corporate Venture Capital that aims to identify and develop new businesses that will give a better future to food. It’s an independent society from the company Pascual that looks to find new external opportunities, while maintaining the same value of ‘giving our […]

Heura, an interview with co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma

We know that behind every startup there is a mission to accomplish. We would like to know more about what’s behind Heura Foods. In an interview with Marc Coloma, we began the conversation with where Heura came from and its biggest milestones achieved so far, most of it he attributed to the amazing community they […]

ICEX Webinar – “Foodtech – The rise of alternative protein in the World”

Webinar by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, with the global network of Economic & Commercial Offices of Spain We are excited to invite you to this upcoming event on April 13 2021 by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, together with the global network of Economic & Commercial Offices of Spain.  The event consists of a […]

We are partners at Tastech by Sigma

Eatable Adventures and Sigma joined forces in the search for entrepreneurs to promote high-impact projects in the food sector worldwide. The multinational food company presents the second edition of Tastech by Sigma, the startup acceleration program that aims to revolutionize the food industry. The project submission will be open until April 26th and the selection […]

New partnership with Bridge2food

We are proud to announce that a new partnership has been signed by Eatable Adventures together with Bridge2Food. At Eatable Adventures we believe startups are leading the way creating solutions to transform how food is produced, transformed and consumed. We connect the most disruptive food startups with corporations and investors, developing the right collaborations with […]

Biome Makers, an interview with co-founder and CEO Adrián Ferrero

We know that behind every startup there is a mission to accomplish. We would like to know more about what’s behind Biome Makers. We began the conversation with a brief explanation by Ferrero about what Biome Makers is and its milestones. Then we spoke about some of the main challenges the startup faced when being […]

Webinar: El sector FoodTech español – Estado y oportunidades para su internacionalización 2021.

El pasado viernes 29 de enero, Eatable Adventures formó parte de un increíble evento virtual organizado por ICEX; hablamos del webinario: “El sector foodtech español: situación y oportunidades para su internacionalización 2021”. El objetivo del webinar fue la presentación del Informe Anual de FoodTech de ICEX España Exportaciones e Inversiones. Un informe que se desarrolló […]