Israeli Startups Showcase: Solving New Challenges in the Food Industry

One thing that the COVID19 crisis has undoubtedly highlighted is the need to build a more resilient food system. These learnings have been uncovered throughout the crisis due to new pressures at labor level, obstacles with goods transportation and logistics and stock breaks in supermarkets across the globe. This panorama of pressures and tensions are […]

Webinar Accelerating food growth: the power of open innovation

We recently launched our series of international webinars where we delve into the main challenges facing our food system during the crisis and welcome some of the most disruptive companies in the foodtech space to offer their insights and solutions   This week we were joined by two companies at each end of the value […]

Accelerating Food Industry Growth: The power of Open Innovation

It has been several weeks since the coronavirus disrupted the global economy, and almost all businesses on the face of the earth including all facets of the food industry. There is no doubt that the changes we are experiencing are here to stay. Let’s think of the virus as a catalyst for the transformations already […]

Webinar The rise of D2C Food Startups

Last May 7th we celebrated the first of many in a series of international webinars with the aim of providing our community with opinions and insights from the main leaders in the food sector, covering the most relevant topics facing the industry at the moment.    In our first webinar we had the pleasure of […]